12 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown!

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Are you feeling like you’re losing your mind sitting at home? Can’t tell the difference between weekdays and weekends anymore? Staring out the window, thinking about how you took the simplest of things for granted? 

Well, you’re not the only one. This global pandemic has gotten everyone feeling out of place and disoriented. However, that doesn’t mean you should just give up! 

There are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself busy. This is where we step in with some great DIY ideas and projects for you to try while you’re stuck at home, saving the world. 

So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to it.

1. Bring Life into Your Walls

We all love looking back at old photos and feel nostalgic, don’t we? 

So, why not just print out your favorite photos and hang them up on your wall? It could be any wall in your home; it doesn’t really have to be anywhere specific. 

Create your own wall of photos. Play around with compositions in specific areas like your hallway or a stairway. If you want a more sophisticated look, you can match the frames using the same color. 

If you’re not keen on following a composition, you can change things up as well. Bring in colors, add quotations here and there, and make a gorgeous collage out of it. 

There’s no need to overthink about which photos you can use; just go with the flow and do what feels right to you. The end result will bring a smile to your face regardless! 

2. Renovate Your Bathroom

An utterly colorless bathroom can feel clinical and cold. Add a bit of color to it by changing your wallpaper. 

Botanical prints are trending these days; give them a try. However, you must keep in mind that you can practically use any wallpaper you want. You just have to treat it the right way. 

3. Create the Ultimate Spice Rack

Spice racks can be a real game-changer if you know how to use them the right way. 

It is not limited to storing your elaborate and wonderful collection of spices; you can turn it upside down, and it instantly becomes a rail where you can hang your jewelry! 

If you don’t want to use it as a spice rack, then use it to store your books or plants, or maybe both. Similarly, if you’re looking for an excellent drill, here is a link to some of the best cordless drills you can use to create your ultimate spice rack. 

4. Say Goodbye to Boring Floorboards!

Are you tired of looking at the same old wooden floor? Looking for a way to change things up? Well, now that you have nothing but time in your hands, it's time to get down on your knees and paint them yourself! 

Paint them a plain white color or get creative with patterned stencils to give them a new sophisticated look. 

5. A Fake Marble Look? Yes, Please!

We all love marble worktops, right? They look so elegant and classy. However, a real marble dining or coffee table will cost you an arm or a leg, but thanks to vinyl, you can create your own fake marble look right at home. 

Get the sophistication and elegance without having to give up your hard-earned money. 

6. Build Yourself a Living Plant Wall

It’s never a bad idea to go green, and if you have always wanted to do something for the environment, this is your chance! 

You can build it inside or outside, and create a new space that is not only modern but also super sophisticated. Start by choosing your desired area and screw in your planters. Water them and get yourself your own living plant wall. 

7. More Storage in Your Bathroom Vanity Unit

Do you have an old chest or a table that you don’t use anymore? It’s now time to give them a second chance at life and create more storage in your bathroom. 

Upcycling old furniture can be an excellent idea when you’re looking for that extra storage in your home. 

8. Make Good Use of Spray Paints

If you have spray paint lying around the house and don’t know what to do with them, well, you can use them to give your vases a new look. Turn them into classy and regal stoneware vases without having to learn the ways of molding clay! 

9. A Pallet Bed? A Pallet Bed!

If you have been thinking about getting a new bed but can’t order it thanks to the pandemic, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Get ready because this might take up your weekend. 

A pallet bed can be an ambitious project for you to take up, and it’s a great solution if you’re looking to change things up in your bedroom. 

10. Cinema Under the Stars

Grab your projector, some cozy blankets, your favorite movie, and of course, some popcorn, and head on out back to have your very own outdoor cinema. Don’t forget to grab your favorite person too!  

Sure, it's different from watching it on your 4K TV, but it’s also a nice change of pace from the usual routine. The idea is to spice things up during the lockdown to keep yourself entertained as it can get very depressing. 

11. Sew Your Own Bathroom Storage

If you know how to sew or have a sewing machine, then this will be a total game-changer for you. You can tackle your bathroom clutter or any kind of clutter by sewing together some fabric and creating storage for them. 

If you have scraps of fabrics lying around, you can use them or use solid colors, whichever speaks to you the most. Just go for it! 

12. Build Your Own Cave

Staying locked in with family can get very stressful very soon if you’re not used to staying home for long periods, or if you’re a mom, you definitely need a getaway, especially during this lockdown. 

It’s the perfect time to build yourself a cave, your very own personal little escape. It can be under the stairs or in a small cupboard that has just enough space for one person! 

Get your favorite books, music, or whatever it is you want to do while you have some spare time to yourself and get cozy. Grab your blanket, a hot steaming mug, and relax. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that we hope our list of DIY projects help you feel a little bit better than you were feeling before you started reading this article. 

Times are tough, and things may seem bleak, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel down too! 

Make the most of your time and keep yourself busy, and if the best way to do it is to go crazy with creative projects, then all the better! Remember to stay safe and maintain social distancing. 

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