The 7 Best Workbench Tops in 2020 : Choose Before Out of Stock!

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Are you looking for a brilliant workbench top? If the answer’s yes, then you should probably stick with us till the very end of this article to know more about the best Workbench top available currently on the market.

For someone like a professional mechanic or a carpenter, a proper workbench is just like a much need tool for daily usage. And if the workbench matches the individual’s preference, then he or she may become more precise at what they do.

Now comes the million-dollar question:

How would you be able to find the right option that properly suits you?

Well, as you are already aware of the wide array of choices, it can certainly be hard to find the right product. And in many cases, the best top for a workbench may as well come with a higher price tag, which might be quite expensive for an occasional user.

And so, we have come up with some of the best value for the money products currently available. Throughout the content, you will find the most relevant and to-the-point information, as we made sure that all the products provide the value for what you can spend.

So, let’s just get started!

Reviews on 7 Best Workbench Tops 2020

1. Grizzly G9912: Best Solid Maple Workbench Top

Grizzly G9912 Solid Maple Workbench Top

There’s always been an argument about the best workbench top material. But we are positive that the Grizzly G9912 from Grizzly has one of the best materials you can find.

First of all, the maple-top on this isn’t anything too fancy. But the choice of materials is pretty well-thought out. The vendors chose to use 1.75-inch thick maple strips and bring them all together with the food-safe Durakryl finish. It does feel pretty real up front, but you won’t be getting any smell and can easily maintain it normally. A

Another selling point is the price to performance aspect. You are getting a satin smooth low sheen and natural colors. The support structure isn’t too bad either. All in all, for the best possible experience at a competitive price, the G9912 will obviously be a nice choice for anyone.


  • The build quality is ok.
  • Comes with a competitive price tag.
  • Features a top-notch workbench finish.
  • Easily manageable because of the smart satin finish.


  • Some may find uneven spots in the workbench, which isn’t really noticeable.

2. The Quick Bench raw wood top: Best Foldable Workbench Tops

The Quick Bench raw wood top

The raw wood top from the quick bench is clearly one of the best foldable workbench-tops out there.

For instance, it is one of the very few workbenches with a foldable hinge. Foldable workbenches are often preferred because of their ability to save space.

Although the top isn’t anything fancy in particular, it is clearly a winner when it comes to saving space in your workspace. Also, the hinge brackets do have a rating of 500 lbs, which should be plenty for the average user. 

Another thing to consider is the folding mechanism, which is clearly on the edge of your fingertips. With just one push of a finger, you can get started on your work without any more hassle.

All in all, if any of this seems to intrigue then you shouldn’t wait. If you are looking to have some extra space in your garage, then just go for it.


  • The butcher top feels pretty robust.
  • All the hinges manage the rated weight without any issue.
  • There’s very little wobble to deal with.
  • The fingertip-release mechanism makes your job a lot easier.


  • Installation is a bit tough.

Nexel Maple Bench Top, 72" W x 30" D x 1¾" Thick

Maple bench tops are still considered a luxury!

The reason we are saying this is because the maple bench top from Nexel is one of the premium products in our line-up. Although they are one of the luxury brands out there, the pricing needs some justification.

And that’s where the premium treatment comes in. Each benchtop is kiln-dried and glued. Also, the tops are sanded to perfection. Moreover, the mineral oil protectant sealing is something that they do with utter accuracy.

For the reasons stated above, these maple tops are less susceptive to scratches and dents. So, if you are looking for something with beauty and sturdiness, then you should certainly go for this one. 


  • The workbench looks and feels premium.
  • Robust build quality can sustain heavy usage.
  • The 1.75-inch thick top can distribute weight properly.
  • Blends in really well.


  • It does require some maintenance.

LLR59606 - Lorell Quadro Sit/Stand Straight Edge Latte Tabletop

In case you’re looking for something which can work as a workbench in the day and a coffee table at night, then the Lorell Quadro LLR59606 is the way to go.

There’s really not much to discuss this table top. Apart from being a sturdy option, it certainly does blend in with the rest of the furniture really nicely. The finish on the surface, although is a bit slippery, it does feel ok. So, no big complaints there.

Longevity and usability shouldn’t be an issue with this table top. As you are getting a pretty well-polished surface, chances of corrosion are very low. Also, it can handle some heavy usage, but the weight distribution will depend on the frame itself.

So, if you’re in the market for something simple that serves multiple purposes, then you can certainly go for the LLR59606.


  • Build quality is good.
  • Surface finish is on point.
  • Corrosion-resistant surface.
  • It is able to handle rough usage.


  • Pricing could have been more competitive.

Edsal BB3060 Butcher Block Wood Work Bench Top

The Edsal BB3060 is another big competitor with both superior quality and a hefty price tag as well.

For the most part, the butcher block does feel a lot more premium. The Kiln-dried maple strips reek quality all over the place, especially when handled with such care. This 1.75-inch maple workbench can take some serious blows, thanks to its laminated maple top. Although it may seem a bit soft at first, in reality, it is capable of taking some pretty hard blows, which you should be expecting for such a price.

So, if you’re someone who earns hard and works even harder, then the BB3060 is the way to go.


  • Premium build quality.
  • Shock absorption is top-notch.
  • Adds some aesthetic value to your surroundings.
  • Overall usability is excellent.


  • It does require maintenance on a regular basis.

John Boos WALKCT-BL1225-O Blended Walnut Counter Top

The John Boss BL1225-O obviously takes the cake when it comes to style and elegance.

You may certainly argue with the best finish for a workbench. And the BL1225-O does deliver in this category exceptionally well.

The BL1225-O is clearly an option for those who just don’t want to work cool but be cool as well. Apart from having a solid walnut build, you are getting that blended walnut construction along with a commendable mineral oil finish. In short, none of the workbenches can even come close to its beauty.

The BL1225-O offers excellent performance if you’re thinking of adding this to your kitchen. So, for chopping and cutting purposes, you may want to consider it. 


  • A great workbench for chopping and cutting.
  • It is exceptionally well-built.
  • The mineral oil finish is eye-catching.
  • A great option to add some flair to your workspace.


  • The workmanship, for the price, needs attention.
Doable Products 12057 Melamine Pro-Garage Work Top

this is the last product for best workbench top review. And the ProGarage Melamine Worktop is one of the finest options out there.

Here’s why:

At first, for the price, you are getting a decently-crafted melamine surface to work on. Although many people don’t really appreciate melamine surfaces, there are those who are strictly on a budget, and this particular model is just for them.

For the price, you’re getting a really decent surface. The top grey finish mingles with the furniture stealthily. Also, the cutting and chopping on this board do feel smooth. Moreover, you are getting a surface which can handle scratches and dents relatively well.

So, for the price and usability, we would recommend this to anyone on any day.


  • Good Build quality.
  • Usability is on point.
  • Pretty capable of handling scratches.
  • Blends in with the surrounding space without issue.


  • The sides aren’t all that smooth.

Buying Guide of Best Workbench Tops

In this section, we can help you make a better decision on how you can lay your hands on the best workbench top. Although we have given you an in-depth look at all the features you may possibly need, we thought why not lend you some tips on how you can make a better decision.

But you need to understand something:

We can only take you so far on how you can approach the market. But, in the end, the final decision will be in your hands.

So, let's get on with it.


Planning on a budget is always a crucial factor whenever you are buying anything. Planning out a proper budget will certainly help you out in uncharted waters. For the best cheap workbench top, you should not consider the quality always. right?

On the other hand, you can read our guide, How to Make a Workbench Top on a Budget on the link below:

For instance, there are a lot of products at various different price points. Now plan to spend a certain amount of cash, then all the unnecessary options will be out of your way. Also, it will make your job a lot easier if you're looking to go with a particular brand.

But do remember one thing, you may want to prioritize the features you will need specifically. So, find out the features you will most likely be using a lot. Then set a cash limit. This is, by far, the safest way to save you from any unwanted costs.

Weight Capacity

It is also one of the key things you would want to keep in mind.

For any sort of worker, the weight capacity of the workbench is certainly crucial. If the weight distribution isn’t accurate, then it is very likely that you may end up with a workbench top which you don’t like. And if you want the best workbench top, then you need to decide how much weight you really need the bench to hold.

Although there are several options out there. If you are looking for something with proper weight distribution capacity, then you may want to look for solid steel frame workbench options. But do remember that they do come with a really hefty price tag sometimes, so you may want to explore your options.

Strength and Durability

In case you’re wondering what these two things have got to do with workbenches, then you may want to keep on reading.

Heavy users tend to work with a lot of pressure and force, no doubt about that. As they often use a substantial amount of force for pounding, pushing and clamping, the workbench gets damaged with the passing time.

Clearly, this meddles with the longevity of your workbench. So, you obviously need a better picture of how much strength your workbench can muster. Taking a close look at various customer feedback may help you with this.

Now comes the matter of durability. If you are looking for the best top for a workbench, then you’d obviously need to know which one works best for your purpose. For instance, if you’re familiar with a wooden top workbench, then suddenly switching to another option may give you mixed feelings. But, ultimately, you would want something which gives you a better value for the money.

So, for the most part, durability and strength both are somehow dependent on the user’s will. As long as the user is fine with how the workbench is turning out, then there probably shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever.


Light integration should be taken as an added bonus.

In case you’re dealing with a dimly lit garage, then having integrated lights on your workbench may as well give you the edge. In fact, many customers specifically look for such options. But remember, you will have to pay some extra cash if you want that additional feature.


This feature also depends on the user’s personal preference.

If you’re someone who needs to move his or her workbench around pretty often, then you probably would want a mobile workbench. But if you’re comfortable with your workbench being at a specific place on your garage, then spending some extra cash isn’t really worth it.

Final Thoughts

In our review for the best workbench top, we have mentioned one thing again and again. And that is value for your money.

Our primary objective for of this entire endeavor was to give you a better idea of how you can get your hands on a workbench which you like. In fact, the information we have given you should certainly be more than enough.

But in the end, the final decision rests with you. If you want the right product for your workplace, then you may want to dig a bit deeper. For instance, checking out the manufacturer's website can certainly give you a better idea about what you’re getting. Also, sticking with a reputable brand may also be beneficial. Hope you find the right product to help you out with your work. Peace!

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