TOP 10 Best Tap and Die Sets of 2019 – The Top  Architect’s Buyer Guide

TOP 10 Best Tap and Die Sets of 2019 – The Top Architect’s Buyer Guide

Tap and die set is a toolkit used for chopping threads into a rod or around a hole. These sets are lesser known despite being important for creating or refurbishing metals. In fact, they are so essential that no garage or workshop can function without tap and die sets.

Mechanical works require precise and accurate working tools. Therefore, owing to the best tap and die set becomes imperative. There are plenty of sets are available and we don’t want to go into that mess. Instead, we are here with the best 10 sets you should check out for a perfect threading experience.

Product Image

Product Name


Item Weight


GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set


7.55 pounds

Neiko 00911A Tap and Die Set


3.3 pounds

Gino Development 02-0554 TruePower Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap


4.37 pounds

TEKTON 7559 Tap and Die Set


3.04 pounds

IRWIN Tools Machine Screw with Fractional Tap and Die Set


0.9 pounds

GearWrench 82812 114 Piece Large Combination Tap and Die Set


1.3 pounds

Performance Tool W4001DB 40-Piece SAE Tap And Die Set


2.85 pounds

ABN Metric and SAE Standard Tap and Die 60-Piece Rethread Set


2 pounds

Hi-Spec 39 Piece Tap and Die Set Machinist Standard Tapered


3 pounds

5/8" - 24 Right hand Tap and Die Set


0.35 pounds

Reviews on 10 Best Tap and Die Sets of 2019

1. GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set

Providing an almost perfect selection of useful taps and dies, this is indeed the best tap and die set for the money. You will receive a unique set having common sizes from this GearWrench creation.

Having carbonated steel, the taps and dies are perfect to handle the heavy stress of the threading. All the pieces come with superior strength and durability which will deliver a satisfactory service.

The 75-piece set comes with a user-friendly design which allows you to work in tight spaces. In fact, it includes 34 taps, 34 ties, #5 screwdriver along with SAE and metric pitch gauges to get your job done.

Also, the box contains small, medium, die tap adapters along with ratcheting T wrench and sliding T to assist the adapters. The set induces all the tools to fulfill your needs, delivering precise to almost indestructible threading experience.


  • Common and standard sized taps and dies for the 75-piece set.
  • Prevents hand-over-hand turning through the reversible lever.
  • Eliminates back walking of the die guide with patented Twist Lock Guide.
  • Safe and easy removal of tap adapters through automated locking.
  • High strength characteristics and durability for steel construction.


  • Incomplete formation of nut due to limited threading.
  • The ratchet may slip or freewheel over heavy torque.

2. Neiko 00911A Tap and Die Set

This best tap and die set is capable of standing up for light duty and decent applications. Not to mention, this package from Neiko is a precise toolkit for repairing metal threads or hand cutting works.

Featuring GCr15 alloy steel, the cutting pieces of tap induces superior strength. With a titanium coating at the exterior, the pieces can easily get through metals like aluminum, brass, cast iron, and carbonated steel.

Though you will get 40 pieces to cut, their suitable designs ensure proper usability for manual threading. The taps and dies come with a national pipe (NPT), coarse (UNC) and fine (UNF) threads with size ranging from #4 up to ½”.

Apart from those, the box includes a tap, T-handle wrench along with SAE screw gauge to put the power more efficiently. Despite offering fewer pieces, it provides an excellent result for occasional applications.


  • Durable and weather resistant with titanium coating.
  • The protective case of ABS plastic allows convenient storage.
  • Easy to start cutting through UNC, UNF and NPT pieces.
  • Greater threading performance along with steel blade.
  • Highly suitable for an organized manual threading.


  • Not suitable for mild steel or very hardened metals.
  • The case seems to be cheap and quite crappy.

3. Gino Development 02-0554 TruePower Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap

You will receive a decent kit for cutting or renewing of threads against its price. For entry-level service or occasional applications, this Chinese product from Gino Development would hold just great.

Through high-quality alloy steel, all the pieces offer maximum durability. The hardened alloy induces great stress capacity. Though the tip and die may not hold for thick sheets, it works fine for thinner ones.

Including coarse and fine threads, this best quality tap and die set allows perfect and comfortable hand threading. Also, it comes with numbered along with fractional tap and die which enables further cutting performance.

The handles for both tap and die with one smaller tap chuck delivers incredibly easy maneuverability. You may not find this best cheap tap and die set helpful for professional work, you can have sufficient threading for occasional applications.


  • Suitable for attaining exact standards for cutting and renewal.
  • Optimum serviceability with hardened alloy steel.
  • Coarse, fine and NPT threads offer incredibly easy cutting.
  • Safe and convenient storage facility through the molded case.
  • SAE, metric, numbered and fractional pieces are available.


  • The metal tools can’t withstand heavy cutting.
  • Application of the smallest gauge is very limited.

4. TEKTON 7559 Tap and Die Set

Regarding the price and available pieces, it is indeed a best metric tap and die set to choose for moderate cutting works. This 39-piece set from TEKTON offers sufficient opportunity of smooth threading at home or garage.

With high-quality milled alloy steel construction, each piece from the set offers outstanding durability and strength. And the best part is they can easily get through new metal sheets or repair damaged threads.

All the 39 pieces come with a metric style which makes those ideal all-purpose tools. Using proper technique and suitable lubricant will help you to cut down mild, carbon, alloy steel along with bronze and brass.

Being tapered plug, these taps and dies is quite preferable for almost all hand threading tasks. The overall combination leads to an easy start up, smooth cutting as well as perfect chasing for this unit.


  • Full range of fine and coarse threads sizes from 3mm up to 12mm.
  • Perfect metric style ensures comfortable hand threading operation.
  • Secure and organized taps and dies inside the plastic storage case.
  • Tapered plug for pieces offers easy to start up without over threading.
  • Handle tap wrench attains satisfactory cutting depth and chasing.


  • Tap holding wrench may not work on specific metal sheets.
  • The tap chuck is likely to snap over heavy torque.

5. IRWIN Tools Machine Screw with Fractional Tap and Die Set

Although this one from our list comes with the least quantity, it can deliver perfect bits to form the thread. Unlike the others, these taps and dies hold fractional style to offers satisfactory performance for this IRWIN Tools product.

To get a quick solution for endless fastening problems, this set offers a perfect answer. Whether you want to make a whole new thread or chase worn out or damaged threads, these ones have everything necessary.

High-quality metal construction with exterior coating makes the frames sturdy enough to cut moderate sheets. It also imparts moisture resisting characteristics which encourage its durability as well as strength.

Containing coarse and fine threading pieces, it offers a wider range of hand threading works. This best tap and die set is suitable for low and occasional works, but ensures a perfect cutting and chasing through its ergonomic construction.


  • T-handle wrench for the tap allows precise cutting.
  • Quality metal construction for increased serviceability.
  • Better chasing along with coarse and fine threads.
  • Optimum strength for smooth and fast threading.
  • Standard threading with a wide range of combinations.


  • Heavy or moderate cutting or chasing is not possible.
  • The set doesn’t offer several common sized pieces.

6. GearWrench 82812 114 Piece Large Combination Tap and Die Set

With a complete set of ratcheting handle system, the best tap and die set offers a perfect selection of common taps and dies. You will get a unique set having common sizes of high-quality from this Apex Tool product.

Providing carbonated steel construction, all the pieces are perfect to handle the heavy stress of the threading. The taps and dies come with incredible strength and greater durability which can give a satisfactory service.

The complete 114-piece set contains a user-friendly design allowing you to work in confined, tight spaces. Needless to say, it includes 48 taps, 48 ties, #5 screw extractor along with SAE and metric pitch gauges.

Again, the case includes small, medium, die tap adapters with ratcheting T wrench and sliding T for enhanced performance. This best tap and die set for stainless steel comes with all the requirements to fulfill your needs, providing a precise threading experience.


  • Maximum durability and greater strength with steel construction.
  • Standard and typical sized taps and dies for the 114-piece set.
  • Patented Twist Lock Guide eliminates back walking of the die guide.
  • Reversible lever prevents possible hand-over-hand turning.
  • Easy and safe removal of tap adapters along with automated locking.


  • Heavy torque may induce freewheeling or slip.
  • Limited threading depth causes incomplete cutting.

7. Performance Tool W4001DB 40-Piece SAE Tap And Die Set

Being capable of standing up light duty and decent applications, this set offers versatility. This package from Perfect Tool is a great toolkit for hand cutting works or repairing metal threads.

Along with quality steel structure, the cutting taps and dies induce optimum strength. With the lost lasting hardened frame, the pieces can easily get through moderately sturdy metals.

There come 40 pieces to cut for this ergonomic set. Having a suitable design, they ensure proper usability for hand threading. In fact, all the taps and dies come with NPT, NC and NF threads ranging from #4 up to ½”.

Moreover, you will receive a T-handle, tap wrench along with die stock, screw gauge to get further ease with the operation. It can deliver excellent threading result for occasional applications with the 40 pieces for sure.


  • Precise threading with a durable frame with steel construction.
  • Standard pieces offer suitably shaped cutting and chasing.
  • The included case provides a safe and organized storage facility.
  • Superior SAE production induces better threading performance.
  • Easy to start up and simple to cut or chase through the sheet.


  • The construction is unable to handle heavy duty works.
  • Poor quality case is likely to get damaged quite fast.

8. ABN Metric and SAE Standard Tap and Die 60-Piece Rethread Set

Considering the price, you will have the best value tap and die set to cut or renew threads with this one. In fact, this outstanding kit from ABN would hold perfect for occasional applications or entry-level service.

Having commercial graded alloy steel, all the pieces offer superior strength along with maximum durability. Though it may not work over thick sheets, the pieces can easily get through metals like aluminum, copper, cast iron, and steel.

Along with coarse and fine thread designation, this set induces a comfortable hand operation. Not to mention, it comes with metric as well as SAE pieces to trigger further cutting performance.

The die handle along with smaller tap chuck provides a convenient maneuverability. You may not find these very helpful for professional applications, they hold a satisfactory performance in small and low duty works.


  • Alloy steel pieces come with optimum capacity and longevity.
  • SAE and metric standard pieces offer superior cutting.
  • Highly suitable for both external and internal threading works.
  • Plastic molded case allows quick organization and safe storage.
  • Simple to use with a lightweight frame and smooth exterior.


  • The pieces’ size is a bit little than other competitors.
  • Problems may occur in placing the pieces in the case.

9. Hi-Spec 39 Piece Tap and Die Set Machinist Standard Tapered

This one is indeed a good option for medium threading works regarding its price and piece size. Providing smooth and perfect threading at workshop or garage, this Hi-Spec Tools creation induces comfort in the work.

 Each piece from this best tap and die set is capable of giving you an outstanding durability and strength. In fact, the milled alloy steel pieces can cut thin metal sheets and chase lightly damaged threads with ease.

The 39 pieces have metric as well as SAE style making them highly suitable for resolving various common threading problems. Through accurate application with cutting oils can enable you to get through aluminum, bronze, brass and even cast iron.

The tap and die are tapered plug which is quite preferable to take care of spark plugs, old screws, rusted nut and bolt. Through a proper combination, you can experience quick and precise cutting, chasing without delay.


  • Manufactured against standards for enhanced functionality.
  • Long lasting serviceability along with alloy steel pieces.
  • Both metric and SAE style allows better cutting performance.
  • Capable of cutting several metal sheets using lubricant oil.
  • Accessible plastic case induces organized and safe storage.


  • The pieces can fall out of their slots inside the case.
  • Several pieces may have casting flash to be cleaned.

10. 5/8" - 24 Right hand Tap and Die Set

The last from our best tap and die set review is more like a pair of tap and die rather than a complete set. Being suitable for right hand application, this peculiar GAVAN product can meet your necessity if you want a standard one to work with.

A superior quality metal having protective exterior coating induces sturdiness and strength to get through the sheets with ease. It also contributes to increase moisture resistance for the pairs to enhance their durability.

Offering a 24tpi thread, you will require 9/16 sized drill bits. This size is not just convenient but also very common in threading works. Again, the 34mm diameter die can provide sufficient hole to do the job.

The most comforting fact is that you won’t have to deal with any slipping or stuck problems while threading. Although it comes with the limited application, yet able to deliver a perfect threading.


  • High-speed steel frame offers greater strength and capacity.
  • Very easy to press and hold due to the right-hand application.
  • Immediate taping from zero to full threading in one go.
  • Strat up from the numbered side allows safe operation.
  • Easily attains the exact standards with a convenient design.


  • Threading alignment part is not very useful.
  • In most case, these don’t fit with varying threads.

Buying Guide for Best Tap and Die Sets

Among lots of available ones, getting the best tap and die set seems a bit challenging. Of course, you may not even a good one thanks to numerous models and brands. But knowing some important factors will help you to avoid hassles while buying one.

  • Build Quality: There always exists a correlation between the quality and price. Depending on your budget, you have to ensure the best possible quality in the first place.
  • Steel Type: Crafting tap and die sets require steel and you should check the quality. Cheap or poor quality steel will neither last long nor sturdy enough to cut and chase.
  • Size or Style: Sizes of the pieces are primarily measured as per SAE or metric. Also, they can be fractional or numbered. You should choose something that comes with both.
  • Handle: Uncomfortable or awkward handle will cause you to make frequent mistakes. Apart from that, they have to be strong enough to bear the heavy torque and stress.
  • Case: Having the pieces in a case will keep them secure in an organized manner. Therefore, you should check out the case quality and also, the slots inside the case.

How to Use Tap and Die Sets

Tap and die sets are mainly used to create threads at inside or outside of various connection ends. Here is a simple guideline to use a set properly.

  • Step 1: Determining Thread Number Per Inch –

Using a gauge, you need to calculate the required thread number per inch (tpi) you can make on the selected object. Then you have to find the suitable die to create those threads.

  • Step 2: Creating New Threads on Bolt/Object –

Fix the bolt over a vice to prevent any movement of the bolt. Move the wrench using oil over the horizontally placed die to create threads on the bolt.

  • Step 3: Turning a Steel Rod into the Bolt –

For turning a steel rod into a belt, you have to use the die set with the rod having a beveled end. The slow movement of the die with lubricant will get you desired threads.

  • Step 4: Tapping a Hole –

Using a special wrench, start setting the tap to ensure that it can’t move. Knowing tap size, screw size, thread number, you need to choose the perfect tap drill machine.

Common Types of Tap and Die Set

Regarding the question of what is the best tap and die set, it is important to have some ideas about the types. However, there are 4 major types of tap and die are available.

  • Second Tap: Uses for deepening the thread despite having the similar angles.
  • Taper Tap: It generally initiates cutting or threading coming from the bottom.
  • Circular Die: produces full threads within a single operation at one side only.
  • Plug Tap: Primarily serves to ensure neat result at the end of the cut holes.

Final Thoughts

Although the aforementioned 10 are most suitable to handle moderate or low duty threading, they end up with a perfect result. Each one of them has a certain application and you will barely find any suitable competitors in the respective field. After analyzing numerous models, we got here 10 best tap and die set to meet your needs. So, choosing the suitable one from our list will help you to get the best possible service against its price.

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