Best Roof Coatings for 2020 – Top 10 Comparisons & Buyer Guide

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Due to years of open exposure, almost every roof is eventually weathered and damaged. To avoid frequent installation of a new roof, you need to go for renewal and restoration of the old one. But take a moment and think, Is it the most cost-effective idea available?

What if we take a precaution of using the best roof coating from the very beginning?

Let us explain why-

Roof coatings are an entire package of perks for anyone with a home of his own. Using roof coatings will help you to attain it at once, offering a UV resistant and weathertight exterior for the roof. Besides, proper application of good quality coating will certainly improve the life and functionality of the roof materials.

So, the very first question is, what is roof coating? and what is the best roof coating?  To ensure that here 10 roof coating reviews may help you a lot. You need to choose the roof coating with quality assurance in the first place.

Review of 10 Best Roof Coatings 2020

1. Heng's Rubber Roof Coating Review: Best RV Rubber Roof Coating

Heng's Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon

This best RV rubber roof coating from Heng’s comes with outstanding quality along with amazing results. The special design induces a protective coating with an excellent weatherproof barrier for various base substrates.

Being formulated from 100% polymer of acrylic latex quality, it offers an elastomeric roof mastic. In fact, you can easily use this for RV rubber roof coating, seams and tears. Apart from that, you can apply this polymer to seal off the unnecessary vents or air conditioning shafts.

The chemical components lead to a superior resistance against UV which keeps your exterior safe from possible decortication. The best part is it can expand as well as a contract with the roof during any change of temperature.

Without any toxic and heavy polluting ingredients, you can certainly rely on this coating. You will receive a crack resistant and also sufficiently impact tolerant coating for your roof all year round at a reasonable price and it also makes the roof restoration process much easier.


  • Greater durability and adhesion for the rubberized roof.
  • Lower temperature flexibility resists crack and impact.
  • Acrylic latex graded polymer base offers UV resistance.
  • Suitable application with a roller, brush and even spray.
  • Up to 200 sq. feet of coverage according to roof type.


  • Poor shipping quality may damage the container.
  • Specific roof may require multiple coating layers.

2. Dicor Rubber Roof Coating Review: Best Elastomeric Roof Coating

Dicor RPCRC1 RP-CRC-1 Rubber Roof Acrylic Coating Wht

Offering a dual part, commercial coating systems, you will get a perfect protection for your rubberized roof membrane. Not to mention, this Dicor RPCRC1 RP-CRC-1 creation provides appropriate roof preparation with an effective ‘lock and key’ adhesion.

Special formulation for rubber RV roofs, it promises the best elastomeric roof coating. Obviously, the acrylic coating package induces a ready-to-apply and easy-to-use liquid which will save your time thanks to its fast drying time.

It mainly combines a primer to get a proper preparation for the roof which is followed by the acrylic coating for the barrier. This is why you need to apply 2 and not multiple coats at a time for full protection. But precautions must be taken for roof repairs and repairs for the degraded substrates.

With a 125 square feet of coverage for 1 gallon of the liquid which should be thoroughly mixed 15 minutes before applications. Containing no pollutants, this best roof coating comes with minimum irreparable damage for the roof.


  • Long lasting acrylic liquid with higher adhesive power.
  • Greater protection for rubberized roof being fire retardant.
  • Almost no petroleum distillates or citric components.
  • Quick drying for the applied double-layered coating.
  • Convenient two-part commercial quality coating systems.


  • Requires more amount of coating to cover larger spaces.
  • Properly cleaned exterior is necessary before applying.

3. KST Coating Kool Seal Review: Best Roof Coating for Metal Roof

Kool Seal KST063600-16 Elastomeric Roof Coating

Along with this versatile coating, you can protect the roof elements for years against any rough weather. Therefore, Kool Seal KST063600-16 induces a flexible and long-lasting cover for superior reflectivity and lower energy consumption.

It is formulated with 100% acrylic resin that offers a thicker blanket of protection for the rubberized exterior. The coating remains flexible from -30°F up to 160°F which delivers a greater range for smooth expansion and contraction with the temperature.

The coating resists possible moisture gain to some extent making it durable in most climates. Apart from that, this reflective roof coating ensures the reflectivity to low inside temperature provides good sound absorption with a suitable environment inside your house.

You can apply this best roof coating for metal roof also can be used for roof materials like concrete, polystyrene, and urethane foams, brick and even flat tiles. Within a reasonable price, you will get a no better effective option to choose when you want something unique.


  • Higher adhesion to roof material at any temperature.
  • Cured coating resists mildew along with algae growth.
  • Environmentally compliant with moisture resistance.
  • 90% of sunlight reflection lessens interior energy consumption.
  • Better flexibility through 100% acrylic resin formula.


  • The coating may start to peel off due to harsh weather.
  • Application over the wet surface may take too long to dry.

4. Liquid Rubber Roof Coating Review: Best EPDM Rubber Roof Coating

Liquid Rubber Roof Coating Review-Best EPDM Rubber Roof Coating

Liquid rubber comes with a one-coat system which saves application time and cost at the same time. This best epdm rubber roof coating can deliver 4 times longer durability than elastomeric sealant-type coatings and elastomeric roofs.

The best thing about this one is you will need no ProFlex primer coat. In fact, it can directly be applied over the roofing surface. You can use this one for EPDM membranes as well as the metal roof, though it is proven to be more suitable for EPDM ones.

During its curing time, it easily conforms to any sort of vertical and horizontal shape. When fully cured, this best aluminum roof coating will produce a smooth seamless surface to put an end to your frequent seam repairing sessions.

Liquid EPDM can successfully handle significant temperature change to a wider extent, from -30°F up to 300°F. The temperature swing for this best rubber roof coating is definitely the best and you will surely achieve a well-finished roof.


  • Greater thickness of about 20 mils for the dry film.
  • Single coat application requires no ProFlex primer.
  • Faster potting life of about 1.5 hrs up to 2.5 hrs.
  • Highly suitable for both EPDM and metal commercial roofing.
  • Better temperature swing from -60°F up to 300°F.


  • Maximum coverage for the roofing surface is low.
  • Only suitable for certain metallic substrates.

5. Thoro T5010 35LB Thoroseal Review: Best Cement Roof Coating


With this Best cement-based commercial roof coating, you can provide satisfactory coverage and protection for the concrete, masonry roofing and also commercial roofing. This coating from Thoro is capable of filling all the pores to seal off the voids on the substrates.

Along with synthetic quality acrylic 60 formulation, it induces a strong bond which is even harder than your roofing. Providing the optimum sealing for the pores, it reduces the possibility of water penetration even during heavy rainfall.

It remains in dried powder form in the container and you need to add water to make the coating liquid. Application of the coating over a prepared roofing surface will result in a white exterior which will last for years.

Superior formulation prevents all kinds of mildew and mold growth for a fully cured coating. Being easy to apply, you will face no difficulty in putting this best roof coating for the flat roof to induce better longevity.


  • Long lasting as well as decorative white finishing.
  • Heavy and cement-based coating with a strong bond.
  • Easy carry and mixing with water for dried powder.
  • Resistant to mold, mildew and moisture action.
  • Suitable for concrete, masonry type & commercial roofing.


  • Several coating layers might be required.
  • Not very suitable for metal or rubber roofs.

KST COATINGS KST063600-20 Elastomeric Roof Coating, 5-Gallon

This is another product from KST Coatings that promises a perfect coating for your rubberized roof. Needless to say, it protects your top for years as well as prevents possible damages due to natural actions.

Being formulated with 100% acrylic resin, this is one of the best acrylic coatings that delivers a solid blanket of protection for the rubberized roofing. The coating is highly flexible from -30°F up to 160°F which provides a wider range for convenient expansion and contraction with temperature change.

The coating is capable of enhancing the physical properties of the roof such as resisting moisture action which makes it more durable against all climates. Moreover, the reflectivity to sunrays induces a low inside temperature to encourage sound absorption with an energy saving environment for your house and building.

Like the other one, you can rely on this for applying over roof materials like concrete, metal, polystyrene, brick, flat tiles and even used as urethane coatings. Therefore, you will get to use the best roof coating at an affordable price.


  • Moisture resistance with environment compliance.
  • Further flexibility along with 100% acrylic resin.
  • No mildew and algae growth for fully cured coating.
  • Better interior through 90% sunlight reflection.
  • Excellent adhesion for rubberized roof materials


  • Dry weather is required to lay the coating.
  • The coat may dry off too fast on warm weather.

Dicor RP-IRC-1 Coolcoat Insulated Coating

This new ceramic-type coating is capable of lowering your temperature to a certain amount. In fact, this one from Dicor is a perfect and suitable alternative for the acrylic commercial roof coating to attain maximum adhesion.

It comes with a 100% premium quality elastomeric resins to ensure a sufficient elastomeric roof coverage. The presence of titanium oxide with zinc oxide provides a white pigment to offer a decorative and smooth finish and increases the protection against UV rays.

Apart from that, the included MicroCell roof coating technology decreased the heat flux transferring which allows a better insulation system and cooling benefits. Not to mention, lab tests indicate a temperature reduction of 29% at the interior side than the exterior portion.

This CoolCoat requires an additional RP-CRP-Q before applying the coat to ensure appropriate adhesion. You will receive a proper protection for RV as well as TPO roofing through this best metal roof coating formulation.


  • Unique white base with resin, titanium and zinc oxides.
  • Heat reflexive component
  • MicorCell roof coating technology.
  • Superior protection against UV rays with heat reflection.
  • Reduced interior temperature than the exterior side.
  • Sufficient adhesion along with RP-CRP-Q application.


  • At least two layers of coating to attain a thick film.
  • The coating won’t hold long over aluminum roofing.

Dicor RPFRC1 Fiberglass RV Roof Coating - 1 Gallon

Apart from the previous two from Dicor, it comes with a unique formulation to protect your RV roofing. You will have a liquid with sufficient flexibility with an elegant design to suit the rubberized top surface of your house.

Being formulated with fiberglass reins of 100% acrylic quality, it introduces a flexible layer of roof protection. The layer easily expands and contracts without any sort of cracking with the roof movement due to rapid change of temperature.

Having a brighter white appearance, this best roof coating for asphalt shingles allows reduced heat transfer to the interior side. Therefore, the interior always remains cooler than the exterior portion and makes the physical properties of the exterior much more durable.

The fully cured film has a superior formulation to prevent mildew and algae growth that may degrade the coating quality. Easy application makes this a reliable choice for those who want to coat the top saving their time and money.


  • Fiberglass resin with 100% acrylic polymer formulation.
  • Superior flexibility to expand and contract with ease.
  • Bright white exterior induces less heat flux transfer.
  • Mildew and algae resistant for the fully cured coating.
  • Easy application with simple cleaning using soapy water.


  • Thin films are highly prone to quick crazing.
  • Not suitable for EPDM and TPO type roofing.

GacoRoof GR1600-1 White Silicone Roof Coating - Gallon

Using this coating will induce a protective layer to seal off the roof leaks reducing the action of the weather. In fact, GacoRoof provides the only coating that withstands permanent ponding water without any peeling, bubbling and even breaking down.

Unlike the aforementioned ones, it is formulated with 100% silicone and this best silicone roof coating is suitable for almost all types of roof materials. Not to mention, silicone coatings come with better durability than acrylic roof coatings or urethane under harsh weather.

When the coating is fully cured, you will find the coating flexible for a satisfactory temperature range. Its ability to maintain adhesion stays strong even after years of service along with its 85% solar reflectivity.

Though this one is easy to put, you need mineral spirit to wash and clean the coating. You can impart a new appearance using this GacoRoof coating to deliver a seamless membrane over your rooftop for sure.


  • Completely waterproof with the superior formulation.
  • 100% silicone maintains adhesion and flexibility.
  • Ideal application for almost all types of roof materials.
  • Greater temperature insulation through 85% reflectivity.
  • No bubbling, breaking or peeling for ponding water.


  • Higher amount of coating is required for the roof.
  • Maintenance cost difference is comparatively higher.
Heng's HGR1600-5 Gaco Silicone Bass Coat Off-Wht

When the roof faces difficulty to stand against the elements, commercial roofing contractors rely on this coating. In fact, Gaco Western comes with another silicone formulated coating which will deliver superior longevity for any types of roof.

Being formulated with silicone, it also delivers greater flexibility and adhesion during its service. For harsh weathers, acrylic or urethane formulated coatings fade away which can be overcome using silicone one over the exterior.

Offering a smooth roofing surface, it prevents possible mold, mildew, staining growth which will require no recoating in years. In fact, this silicone roof coating serves as a new coating for about 3 to 5 years which is quite higher than other coatings.

Like the previous one, it withstands permanent ponding water without the slightest peeling, bubbling or breaking. So, this one is the best roof coating for ponding water. All you need is to put two consecutive layers of coat and you will get the protection for your roof.


  • Silicone formulation induces better serviceability.
  • Higher adhesion maintains flexibility for years.
  • Resistant to mildew, mold and staining growth.
  • Easy to apply without requiring any heavy tool.
  • Smooth surface coating suits all roof materials.


  • The coat may not hold good for sealing leaks.
  • Costly and careful maintenance is required.

Buying Guide

The market is full of cheap and poor quality coatings and if you want to get a best rated roof coating, you must get rid of them in the first place. But choosing the best roof coating can be tricky as many others are available with superior quality. Therefore, you need to understand several factors and types of roof coating that control the quality of a roof coating.

  • Formulation: The formulation can be acrylic, urethane and even silicone. Acrylic or urethane provides better service but less durability. Meanwhile, silicone induces good serviceability along with greater durability for the roof.
  • Reflectivity Index: The reflectivity index should be as high as possible. In general, best quality roof coatings offer a reflectivity of 80% to 95%. Better reflectivity delivers less heat transfer and keeps the interior cooler than the exterior temperature.
  • Flexibility: Change of temperature with the weather influences the coating life. This is why you need to choose a well flexible coating. The flexible coating allows expansion and contraction along with the roof movement ensuring better service.
  • Resistance: Mold, mildew, and staining reduce the lifespan of the coat and you need to ensure this doesn’t happen. Almost all good quality coatings come with an effective formulation to resist their growth over less maintenance.
Suitability: The material type of the roof is also important to ensure a durable adhesion for the coating. EPDM and TPO roofs require special attention in this issue. On the other hand, silicone and acrylic ones hold pretty well for almost all common roof materials.

Advantages of Roof Coating

Some of the major advantages of using roof coating are mentioned below.

  • Roof coatings provide a monolithic membrane that seals off the voids and pores to make the substrate impermeable. There remains no seam or patch which makes the roof waterproof.
  • Direct application of coatings reduces the roof coating installation time cost, offering a labor-friendly task to do.
  • Coatings are renewable and you can apply recoating over long timespan to increase the roof life.
  • Renewal of existing roof along with reuse of current material decreases landfill wastes to improve the environmental condition.
  • Higher reflectivity induces better resistance against UV rays and also less heat transfer from exterior to interior side.
  • Sufficient heat reflective & insulation offers a cooler interior and again, cuts the air conditioning bill to some extent.

How to Apply a Roof Coating

Here is a simple, short but effective guideline to understand how to apply roof coating.

  • Cleaning: You need to prepare the roof surface by removing debris as much as possible. Fill all the leaks over the exterior surface using plaster or sealants.
  • Applying: Apply the coat over the dried surface with set sealants. Use a suitable roller or brush (if necessary) to apply the coat and attain the thick film. For multiple coatings, let the first layer dry, then add the second layer.
  • Curing: When the roof is covered with a coating, let it dry to cure. The drying time varies according to the formulation and you need to ensure a full curing without disturbance.

Final Thoughts

From barnes to RVs of commercial and residential houses, almost any structure can be significantly benefited from a quality coating. And we got 10 choices for you to make sure of that. Our aforementioned ones offer quality and performance in their respective field.

Though each of our best roof coatings has certain limitations, those are quite minor regarding their serviceability. Therefore, you can have a money-saving commercial roofing system that lasts for long which helps to restore the former glory of the roof.


1. What does roof coating do?

Ans: Roof coating protects your roof from weather exposure such as heat, rain, hail etc.

2.Does roof coating stop leaks?

Ans: When applied properly, a roof coating can cover leaks, cracks, crevices and add a smooth, seamless finish to your roof.

3.How long do silicone roof coatings last?

Ans: If applied and given proper maintenance, a silicone coating can easily last up to 10-15 years.

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