10 Best Propane Heater for Garage: Top On The Market For 2020

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On winter days, everyone wants warmer surroundings to have a comfortable moment. Starting from the garage to inside the house, you may feel the necessity of having a heater at all times. When it is the case, propane heaters can offer a cheap solution compared with the electrical heaters for both indoor and outdoor heating. Again, these heaters can serve you in any situation whenever required.

As for the garage, you need to install a discreet heater which will allow you to work comfortably. But regarding the best propane heater for the garage, few are available among innumerable models. If you don’t want to get into that mess, you should check our top picks. Scrolling down to explore them and you will get your ultimate choice within seconds.

Reviews on 10 Best Propane Heater for Garage in 2020

1. Mr. Heater Little Buddy: Best portable propane heater for garage

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater, Medium

Delivering a new standard, this garage warming device comes with everything you need. This medium-sized heater from Mr. Heater is capable of providing heat anywhere at any time.

Being suitable for indoor applications, it comes with 2 different heating settings. In fact, you can switch either 4000 or 9000 BTU/HR to meet your needs. In fact, you can heat up to 95 sq ft of rooms.

With full capacity, this propane heater for the garage can provide continuous heating for about 5.5 hours. It offers a 45° heating angle that can reach a maximum elevation of 7000 feet.

With an accidental tip and low oxygen sensing switch induces enhanced safety through automatic shut-off. The included system provides a safe system that will keep your place warm for sufficient time.


  • Piezo igniter offers 4-position settings to control level of heat
  • Easy cylinder and hose installation through swiveling regulator.
  • The wider heating area with larger porcelain coated surface.
  • Shock-resisting insulation for mounted ceramic burnt tile.
  • Wire guard for heating along with low/high heating settings.


  • Not suitable at all for motorized vehicles or golf cart.
  • Additional attachment with the heater may cause serious injury.

2. Dyna-Glo Natural Wall Heater: Best large garage propane heater

Dyna-Glo BF30NMDG 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater

A seamless blending of this great heater can offer a reliable supplement of heat for your house. Using convection heating technology, this one from Dyna-Glo brings comfortable heating for your space.

In fact, the blue flame requires natural gas to ablaze and warms the close air first. Then it starts heating the surrounding objects. Being similar to central heating, it delivers a perfect and continuous heat circulation. Because of being vent-free, this can also be called the best ventless propane garage heater.

With 30000 BTU/hr capacity, this best portable propane heater for garage holds pretty well for heating a larger space. The heat is capable of serving 1000 square feet along with built-in low/mid/high Heat Control Levels knobs. Therefore, this can be labeled as the best large garage propane heater.

The best part for this one is you can use it without any electric supply in case of an emergency. Through a customizable heat setting, it induces a convenient convection technology to get you a comfortable ignition.


  • Oxygen Depleting Sensor (ODS) launches safety automatic shut off.
  • Manual adjustment of variable heat settings provides comfortable heating.
  • Continuous pressing of the battery allows easy and effortless ignition.
  • Reliable heating without electric supply in case of a sudden power outage.
  • Safely warms only the occupied spaces reducing electricity bills.


  • No thermostat is available to measure the heat or temperature.
  • There is no hookup kit to connect with the propane source.

3. Dyna-Glo Liquid Propane Heater: Best forced air propane heater for garage

Dyna-Glo Liquid Propane Forced Air Heater

You can easily keep the project on a designed schedule with this best propane heater for the garage. This one from Dyna-Glo will surely provide outstanding reliability when it comes to being the best forced air propane heater for the garage.

Being able to deliver 70000 up to 125000 BTUs of heat through liquid propane, you can have sufficient heating all the time. This much heat can provide coverage of upto 3100 square feet with ease.

There comes a powerful blower that helps almost instantaneous ignition allowing the heat to spread quickly. Moreover, the adjustment of heating angle intensifies a uniform garage heating all over the area.

Having a sturdy bracket, the mounted motor remains fully secured inside the lower shell. Along with enhanced safety, you will find it easy to operate thanks to the better quality components and almost indestructible parts.


  • Variable control for continuous heating with an adjustable heating angle.
  • Quick electronic ignition works instantly preventing delayed heating.
  • Very easy to assemble along with included regulator and 10’ hose.
  • Durable and powerful burning system through quality brass nozzle.
  • Back pressure switching with tip-over shutting off induce safety.


  • The handle may break apart due to the wrong assembly.
  • Medium level noise while heating may seem annoying.

Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater MHVFB30NGT

Without requiring any external power, you can make wider applications with great output for this one. though this Mr. Heater creation is not exactly a heating source, yet delivers optimum comfort.

Through the burning blue flame, it provides a convecting heating system. This one heats the surrounding air without radiating. Thus, the heat remains circulating in a confined space.

The included thermostat allows you to maintain a consistent heat inside the room. Moreover, the package offers supplied feet and bracket. You can mount using the bracket or keep on the floor through the feet.

Along with the built-in ODS system, it can initiate automatic shut-off over intense heating. Therefore, this would be the best supplemental solution for heating for your house for the coldest months.


  • The natural gas burning of 30000 BTU can cover up to 1000 square feet of space.
  • Uniform warming of the surrounding air through the convecting heating system.
  • Automated low oxygen shut-off (ODS) system induces enhanced security.
  • Effortless assembly and installation along with feet and mounting brackets.
  • Battery powered ignition and thermostat ensures the circulation of warm air.


  • The heat may go to the topmost portion of the roof leaving the ceiling.
  • Poor installation of the thermostat can cause gas leakage in the room.

NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Heater

Having a unique, sturdy and convenient design, this is indeed the Best Electric Garage Heater. You can experience a more comforting, warmer working place with this NewAir creation.

Featuring an automated control for the temperature, the machine launches shut-off by itself in case of overheating. Unlike the traditional outlet, it is hardwired to ensure no toxic fumes leaking or any open flame.

Using 5000W power, you will get about 17060 BTU of heat from this garage warming device. Fortunately, it meets the requirement of effective heating. Not to mention, it can warm 500 sq ft and also has an extended coverage up to 750 square feet.

Featuring an additional single pole thermostat, it enables you to have easy and accurate control over the temperature. With sturdy steel construction, this is an Electric Garage Heater that will be the perfect thing to keep your workplace warm.


  • Increased service life along with powder-coated steel construction.
  • Powerful and uniform heating to cover 500-750 square feet of space.
  • Additional swivel bracket allows mounting on the walls or ceilings.
  • Electrical safety through automated shut-off control level of heat.
  • Minimized maintenance problems associated with propane burners.


  • Interior fan blades can bend over intense heating sessions.
  • Careless plugin may end up in catching a smoke or even fire.

6. Variable Propane Forced Air Heater: Best 60,000 BTU Propane Heater for Garage

60,000 BTU Variable Propane Forced Air Heater

Delivering instantaneous heat generation, you can easily keep on your scheduled project with this Air Heater. This propane heater for the garage from Pro-Temp can induce an outstanding reliability and performance.

You can have sufficient heating for your place with about 60000 BTU rating output from burning liquid propane. The powerful output is sufficient to heat up 1500 sq ft of space, and that makes it another best 60,000 BTU propane heater for the garage.

Along with included heat settings, you can have variable temperatures to impart greater comfort. It is fairly compatible with a 20-pound tank of liquid propane which can continuously operate for 11 hours.

The lightweight construction includes a hose with the regulator to make the tank installation easy and quick. Having superior safety features and great portability, this can also be used as an outdoor propane heater. you will face no difficulty in having a warm surrounding.


  • Tough construction with quality steel induces better serviceability.
  • Innovative assembly for the fan allows greater circulation of heat.
  • Adjustable angle and variable settings provide variable heat control.
  • No delayed heating along with continuous and powerful ignition.
  • Air flow hose with regulator offers 11-hour operation with the 20-pound propane tank.


  • Defective interior may induce significant heat reduction.
  • No bracket or leg is available to mount the device.

Optimus HEOP9010 Electric Indoor Metal Housing

For a cramped or woodworking garage, this heater comes with supreme convenience and ease. As a wall or ceiling mounted device, this Optimus creation has everything to keep your workplace comfortable.

Having a unique construction, this unit induces incredibly better performance. The heating elements are of high-quality quartz that offers quick and higher heating efficiency.

Independent power requirements for heat and light cuts your electricity bill for sure. In fact, instantaneous 750/1500 W power can deliver sunlight natural heat. Through built-in protective features against overheating, it keeps the equipment and operator safe. 

With silent functionality, you will enjoy the comfortably warm space without the slightest noise. Which is an important criteria to be the Best Ceiling or Wall Mount Utility Heater. Therefore, lighted heating equipment is capable of providing safe, comfortable heating for your shops in the cold winter.


  • Innovative construction includes heating and Halogen lighting chamber.
  • Suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting through the longer bracket.
  • Pulling cord of 82” allows better control over the heating temperature.
  • Faster and almost instantaneous heating through quartz elements.
  • Independent powering of light & heat includes overheating protection.


  • No built-in thermostat to enable temperature observation.
  • The mounting bracket seems to be flimsy for some users.

Comfort Zone Industrial Steel Electric Ceiling Mount Heater

With a sturdy, convenient and innovative design, this one is quite suitable for commercial or industrial applications. In fact, this versatile heater from Comfort Zone will get you a more comforting and warm place to work.

Through 5000W power requirement, it meets the requirement of effective heating to cover larger garage space. Therefore, you will receive about 17065 BTU rating of heating. Needless to say, it can easily warm 500 square feet of place.

The machine can launch automatic shut-off in case of overheating through the temperature control. It is fully 1-phase hardwired which encourages its reliability.

Featuring power as well as caution indicating light, it allows you to maintain a consistent temperature. Having a steel gauge frame with the front grille, this unit can provide sufficiently powerful and comfortable heating.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame imparts great quality and performance.
  • Easy assembly includes removable grille to offer maintenance.
  • Immediate switching to launch power cut off through safety tip.
  • Control the level of heat with an external thermostat.
  • Fan-forced circulation of heat induces uniform heating all over.


  • The fan may provide heavy or moderate pitching sound.
  • Failure to stop the heating may occur for the thermostat.

Mr. Heater MHC15T Single Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater

You can have a pretty good warm environment outdoors with this portable and traditional tank. Not to mention, Mr. Heater comes with a cylindrical heating machine with increased portability.

Weighing only 3 pounds, you will face no trouble to take it with you to enjoy a perfect outdoor time. The bulking cylinder can retain liquid propane of sufficient quantity to heat up your surroundings.

Along with radiant heating technique, it allows reaching the close air flow with uniformity. In fact, it induces the radial spreading of the heat. Therefore, you will get it warmer in a more efficient way with one of the best radiative heaters.

The construction is of quality materials and operates quietly making this best propane heater for a garage highly suitable for your workplace. Despite covering less space, it comes with the superior versatility to warm up your comfort.


  • Superior construction with cylindrical shape offers versatility.
  • Uniform heating of the surrounding air through radiant heating.
  • Quiet presence and seamless operation induces maximum suitability.
  • The lightweight frame is easy to carry and therefore, highly portable.
  • Optimum safety along with automatic shut-off and soft NOSE.


  • The heater may stop working due to technical defects.
  • Poor functionality of the integrated safety sensor may take place.

10. Fire Sense Wall-Mounted Infrared Heater: Best propane heater for small garage

Fire Sense Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Mounted Infrared Heater, Silver

Being suitable for the best propane heater for small garage (both indoor and outdoor), this decorative heater comes with superior performance and an attractive outlook. You will get a conventional infra-red heating with this Fire Sense construction.

As an infra-red heating equipment, it warms the surrounding object more efficiently than heating the air. You will receive a casting of a 9' heat blanket which remains unaffected to ensure better heating.

Providing more heat with less power, this best propane heater for a garage is highly economic to reduce your electricity bills. In fact, you can minimize the operational cost by 10%.

Though it comes with infra-red heating, it emits no UV radiation to cause health hazards. The quiet functioning of the device will give you complete heating output to make you more comfortable within seconds.


  • Durable steel construction includes a protective aluminum shield.
  • Zero toxic residual or harmful emission from infrared heating.
  • Included mounting bracket allows easy installation on wall or ceiling.
  • A non-retracting electrical power cord of 6’ offers better customization.
  • 5000 hours of bulb life with a lower power requirement of 1500W.


  • Lower heat capacity can’t cover larger space at once
  • The heater may not work at very low temperatures.

Buying Guide

When you want heat for the garage, you need a heater but all heaters will definitely not deliver satisfactory service. Therefore, you have to find the best garage propane heater that will induce a comfortably heated space for you. In answer to the question regarding what is the best propane heater for a garage available within your budget, you have to consider some specific factors in the first place.

Ignition: There lies an igniting system that triggers the burning of propane to turn the heat on. There are manual as well as integrated ignition facility. Depending on your habit and ease, you can choose either one.

Power: Power consumption is indeed a crucial factor. Though the heating content of the energy & heat source controls the consumption, there are some that can deliver sufficient heating with less power. The propane heaters or the baseboard heaters with higher capacity require excess power which is not an economic option.

Installation: Where you will place your heater is quite important for sure. For indoor or outdoor, you have to choose a secure location for placement. If the heater requires ventilation, then you have to avoid the enclosed area as well.

Safety: Propane heaters come with incredible potency to be dangerous for numerous reasons. To ensure minimal risk, you need to ensure plenty of inbuilt features regarding safety. Automated shut-off, heat sensors, adjustable and external thermostat, all these induce superior safety for the heater.

Portability: In the case of wall or ceiling mounted heaters, you will have less portability as they come with higher capacity and additional features. Industrial or commercial ones have a more complicated construction with limited portability. But if you want a heater to enjoy outdoor leisure, then you have to go for lightweight ones with less capacity that generally comes with better portability.

Advantages of Using Propane Heater

Some prefer propane to get off the grid while others use it as a standard alternative to electricity. However, there are some peculiar advantages of using a best rated propane garage heater which make it a popular power source.

Higher Energy Efficiency: Propane or LPG has greater octane ratings than conventional fuels which makes it more efficient in producing energy.

Greater Safety: Gasoline or similar fueled heater are 20 times less puncture-resistant which enables you to detect leakage through its odored gas.

Less Environmental Hazard: Propane can provide cleaner burning that is associated with less contamination and emission to pollute the environment.

Quite Economical: Being a perfect alternative to electrical appliances, it can save up to 30% electricity bill per year.

Versatile Applications: If you can use propane in the house, then you will get a lot of options available for appliances with less power requirement.

How to Light Propane Heater with Safety

The connection of the tank containing liquid propane with a pressure managing hose & regulator creates the main functional part of the propane heater. Despite having several other features, individual design and a wide variety of heating capacities, all the units ultimately require the same technique to start. Here is a simple guideline to assist you lighting a propane heater safely.

  • Step 1: Open the control knob by turning the valve counter-clockwise.
  • Step 2: Push & then turn the control knob to ‘Light’ or ‘Start’ position.
  • Step 3: Hold the knob by pushing to send gas inside the unit after unlocking the valve.
  • Step 4: Press the built-in igniter to initiate full closing which launches a ‘Click’ sound.
  • Step 5: Make adjustment for the knob after holding it for about 30 seconds.

Final Thoughts

Comparing the propane, natural gas and electric heater, you will get no better option than propane ones. From durable construction to advanced safety features, each best propane heater for a garage comes with a full package to offer a warm, comfortable workplace.

We can assure that each of the 10 from our reviews is capable of delivering satisfactory heating along with their decent features and construction. Though there are some minor drawbacks, your ultimate choice won’t give you even the slightest discomfort or risk in their lifetime.


1. Are propane heaters safe for garage use?

Ans: Yes. Propane heaters usually come with attached safety gear and alarms which makes it a perfectly safe option for outdoor garage heating.

2. Why do propane heaters smell?

Ans: Propane heaters usually emit a foul smell when there’s gas leakage. Manufacturers add in the smell deliberately as a safety measure. So if your garage smells funny, it’s time to call for help.

3. Are propane heaters a fire hazard?

Ans: Not necessarily. Propane is combustible but modern heaters come with advanced safety equipment in case of an accidental fire. But you should always keep an eye out for any leakage or poor ventilation.

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