Best Parts Washer Solvent in 2020: Save Money & Environment

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You might be in a mess while dealing with gunk over your tools and parts. Scrubbing the parts to cut the filths is a time-consuming work hectic job.

Well, using a part washer solvent will liberate you from scrubbing. Besides, it provides a great cleaning to induce a shiny look. And finding the best parts washer solvent can take you hours.

But here is the catch-

If you do a good amount of market research, and set your own list of requirements, you can end up with the best one within your budget.

And for you, we’ve done the mammoth task completed to find the answer to the question what's the best parts washer solvent.

We got here 5 of the best parts washer solvent reviews to clean all the parts gunk in no time. For instance, let’s have a look at the comparison chart of the best 5 picks today-

Review of 5 Best Parts Washer Solvent

1. Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon: Best Water Based Parts Washer Solvent

Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner/Degreaser

Along with this specially formulated solvent, you will surely enjoy great degreasing and washing for your parts By oil eater degreaser. Not to mention, this Oil Eater creation is able to stand for top performance for both industrial and household applications.

This water-based washer is biodegradable which makes it safe for intense cleaning even for septic tanks. In fact, it gets an overall safe dissolution of hazardous material in a reasonable time.

Without the slightest toxic, corrosive or hazardous ingredients, this one comes with USDA approval to induce a professional cleaning. Again, it comes with no acid, petroleum or any other abrasive solvent to wipe out the oil and grease.

The best part is you can use it on almost all non-food surfaces for household and industrial facilities. Though this best water-based solvent for parts washer is highly concentrated, you can easily obtain the optimum cleaning performance.


  • Safe dissolving of oil and grease deposits within minutes.
  • Biodegradable cleaning solvent offers greater suitability.
  • Water-based formulation cleans all non-food surfaces.
  • USDA approval induces no existence of harmful ingredients.
  • Only water is required to obtain a diluted concentration.


  • Heavily unsuitable for aluminium, glass, and leather.
  • Fully concentrated solvent may break the asphalt down.

2. Oil Eater AOD5G35438 Degreaser 5 Gallon: Best Automotive Parts Washer Solvent


This second one from our top pick is also from Oil Eater degreaser and not as strong as the previous one but still delivers superior cleaning for the oil deposits. In fact, this solvent from Oil Eater combines all the necessary ingredients to wipe out the filths.

The oil eater liquid comes with a biodegradable formulation. Moreover, it is less hazardous to use than cheap and toxic ones. Again, this best parts washer solvent allows you to clean areas having thick and polluted oil and grease.

The 5-gallon container comes with enough to take care of the tremendous amount of oil with one purchase. Containing almost no corrosive or toxic constituents, you can safely apply this for effective cleaning.

Apart from that, the non-flammable mixture encourages the safety which will certainly help you to clean various sensitive automotive parts and that is why this one is the best automotive parts washer solvent. This is indeed a perfect solvent to induce precision and light, medium, or heavy cleaning.


  • Powerful water-based formulation delivers perfect cleaning.
  • Enhanced safety without any toxic or corrosive ingredients.
  • Greater suitability for cleaning sensitive automotive parts.
  • Biodegradable mixture induces wider applications for parts.
  • Sufficient dilution can be made for the concentrated liquid.


  • Household application is prohibited for this solvent.
  • Not suitable for cleaning any warm silk or suede.

3. B'laster - 5-PWS -Best Metal Cleaning Solvents

B'laster 128-PWS Industrial Strength Parts Washer Solvent

This traditional looking container comes with a powerful metal cleaning solvent to deal with industrial oil and grease. The 1-gallon container of B’laster offers sufficient liquid to cut your oil problems in a matter of moments.

Through the development of chemical actions and formulation, this one arrives to outperform the common solvents based on mineral spirits. You can get lots of spirits while recirculating parts which can be avoided by using this one.

Having a considerably higher flashpoint of 145°F, it offers a safe application for warmer metal parts. Also, its rinsing formula triggers an easy cutting for hardened motor oils with other diesel and grease without leaving the slightest white residue stain.

Though it is a powerful cleaning agent, it is only suitable for industrial automotive parts. Not to mention, it is made for metals, plastics, and painted surfaces to give you a residue-free part exterior in the first place. So, don't miss to use this best cleaning solvent for parts washer.


  • Complete cutting off oil and grease stain without any residue.
  • Better re-circulating cut through the developed formula.
  • Greater flash-point of 145°F can clean warmer surfaces.
  • Concentrated liquid induces a quick cleaning for parts.
  • Suitable for painted, metallic as well as plastic surfaces.


  • Diluted concentration using water is not possible.
  • Any household applications can cause damage.

Chemical Guys CLD_104 Grime Reaper Extremely Strong Degreaser (1 Gal)

This degreaser one will get you back to the classic liquid solvents where high concentration provides a powerful mitigation. In fact, the Chemical Guys introduce an excessively concentrated cleaning solvent like no other to eliminate grime.

You can use this heavy concentration to address even the oldest and toughest grease, oil, and grease stain and deposit within a reasonable time. And the best part is you can make a wide range of diluted solvents to apply.

In fact, you can add 6-9 times of water to dilute the 1-gallon liquid of Grime Reaper. This water-based degreasing agent can thus remove the oil, grease, and even accumulated filth without retaining any sort of white residue stain.

Using this liquid degreaser, you will break apart the strong bond between grease particles to bid adieu to the years of filths. Through advanced formula, this great liquid is capable of delivering professional cleaning for the parts of metal and steel.


  • Extremely concentrated liquid solvent to clean all greases.
  • Wider applications along with 6-9 times diluted concentration.
  • Rinse cleaning allows no white residue stain over surfaces.
  • Non-flammable production for the water-based degreaser.
  • Non-toxic ingredients induce safety and ease for the user.


  • Poor stickiness leads to a watery condition quite soon.
  • Certain users feel uncomfortable with the Windex-like smell.

CRC 05067 Parts Washer Solvent - 5 Gal

The very last item of our top pick may look a bit older, yet comes with sufficient power to cut unnecessary greases. Of course, this solvent from CRC provides a powerful liquid to get the cleaning job done faster.

With the developed water-based formulation, this biodegradable liquid parts washer solvent allows you to use it for various intense cleaning. Not to mention, it delivers a safe dissolution of hazardous material in a reasonable time.

Containing almost no corrosive or toxic constituents, you can safely apply this solution and clean the solvents. The 5-gallon container comes with enough solvent to take care of the tremendous amount of filths over surfaces of large equipment.

Not to mention, the liquid is suitable and simple to apply over painted spaces, plastics, steel, and all metal surfaces. You will surely receive a satisfactory cleaning performance using this classic yet powerful washing solvent.


  • Biodegradable liquid offers wider applications for parts.
  • Perfect cleaning along with powerful water-based formula.
  • Concentration can be easily diluted using dilution charts.
  • Greater suitability for cleaning sensitive automotive parts.
  • Optimum safety without any toxic or corrosive ingredients.


  • Diluted concentration may not work for thick filth.
  • The liquid smell may provide discomfort for some users.

Buying Guide for Best Parts Washer Solvent

It is true that many people intend to buy a cheap washer solvent rather than a good quality one. The fact is you will mostly waste the money as poor quality solvents can barely cut the greases or oils especially when it’s thick and intense. To get the best parts washer solvent, you have to consider certain factors when buying the best products. In fact, knowing these will certainly help you to experience a quick and uniform removal of filths.

Material Composition

When it is about liquid solvents, you must check out the composition. In this case, you have to confirm that the liquid is non-toxic, non-corrosive without any acid or abrasive constituents so that it does not have any negative environmental impact.

Design & Shape

While getting an electrical one, you must consider shape, size, and construction. Metal construction with electricity and liquids leads to a dangerous combination. You must ensure the proper size with a motor pump capacity.

Desired Applications

Common solvents are for industrial or automotive applications and have that industrial strength needed for heavy-duty use, whereas less number of models exist to meet household demands. If you want a solvent for household cleaning, you have to choose with the utmost care.

Required Dilution

The intensity of the grease and oil along with the level of cleanliness you want determines the concentration. It is better to pick a solvent that comes in a heavy concentration and can be diluted easily using water.

Cleaning Methods Used by Parts Washer

There exist several common methods you can use to wash the parts. Depending on your budget and availability, you can choose a suitable one to follow.

Manual Cleaning

This is quite common to handle a considerably low amount of filths. In fact, this is ideal for smaller parts that are easy to reach and clean with brushes than use an automated cleaner.

Automatic Cleaning

People are no further interested in long hours of manual cleaning and there comes the automated process. The most common automated methods are high-pressure spray from electric basins to hit from different angles to cut the grease. Apart from that, water-based solutions come with chemical compositions that loosen the bond to dissolve the grease, oil, and make it simple and easy to clean.

Immersing Agitation

This vat-style cleaner requires the immersion of the parts to agitate side-to-side or up-down. Also, the parts can be hit with a higher spraying pressure under the bath.

Managing Parts Washer Solvent Waste

In most cases, parts washer solvents become quite toxic and hazardous after usage. Improper management will, therefore, lead to numerous pollutions. This is why the management of the wastes of the solvent is extremely important to make sure you have a healthy and pleasant environment.

There are two most important things to care about when it comes to management and disposal. The first one is the chemistry of the clean solvent and the contaminants added while the cleaning process.

You have to choose a reliable company to consult the possible solutions for quick and safe disposal. For heavy industrial usage, you should perform sufficient lab tests to analyze the contaminants.

It is better to contact a wastes hauler or similar service companies who can afford to manage it perfectly. But make sure that your parts are cleaned well without any trace of solvent staining.

Final Thoughts

The solvents are not just a cleaning agent but also protects the engine bays free from grime and dirt. There are many tiny gaps through which oil, grease, and dust sneak. Not to mention, each of our best parts washer solvent is able to wipe out all those in a reasonable time.

Though there are risks to use as skin contact can cause much harm, yet people rely on these tools and liquids thanks to their safety features. All you need is to pick up the most suitable one accordingly and it will give you a shiny and almost new look to your parts.


1. What is the best water-based parts washer solvent?

Ans: Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner

2. What solvent is used in a parts washer?


Ans: Petroleum solvents, Benzene, toluene, Xylene, Pyrrolidone etc.

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