Best GFCI Outlets in 2020 – Top Rated in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets

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I’m sure everyone of us has seen GFCI outlets in our home, no matter how much you're aware about it’s presence. GFCI receptacles are mostly found in the washrooms where you need to power multiple devices all together.

Now let’s get a bit technical just to know what is the benefit of gfci outlet-

A GFCI (Ground-fault Circuit Interrupter) works by comparing the current that leaves the hot terminal with the current that turns back to neutral by passing through it.

If it detects a big noticeable difference between these two, then the GFCI knows about the leakage somewhere in your house. If it finds something like that, it knows that there is a danger and it shuts off immediately to prevent the danger.

So far so good. Now here is the catch-

For such an important task, you obviously need the best GFCI outlet in the market to be installed at your home. Because, a low quality GFCI outlet with fault lines inside can be the root cause of vulnerable short-circuits.

This is why we have created this article for you. Here, not only you will find the best ones but also you will learn how to choose a gfci outlet and how to install a gfci outlet.

So, let’s get started-

Reviews of Best GFCI Outlets

1. Leviton GFNT1-W: Best Rated GFCI Receptacle

Leviton GFNT1-W Self-test SmartlockPro Slim GFCI

The Leviton GFNT1-W GFCI Receptacle can automatically conduct internal tests. This helps to give extra protection to the user. Because the test confirms the response of the device to ground faults.

This GFCI can continuously give reliable protection over ground faults. Even when conducting the self-internal test this GFCI can still provide protection to the user.

There is a status indication light included in the Leviton GFNT1-W GFCI Receptacle. This light simultaneously indicates the power status and the protection status. Aside from that, the light indicates line and load reversal.

The Leviton GFNT1-W GFCI Receptacle has no tamper resistance features that means it can internally get tampered with by itself or by the user. So you have to be aware of this fact when purchasing this best rated gfci receptacle.

One of the most important features of this GFCI is that, if it cannot respond to ground faults and becomes accidentally damaged, it will provide a quick lockout action. That means you will immediately know that the GFCI is damaged so that you can change it for later.


  • Can run internal tests by itself.
  • Power status is easily identifiable.
  • A lockout action helps it to respond quickly.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • Can work with two wire system.


  • It is quite stiff to push the test button.
  • No screws or faceplates included.

2. TOPELE 15 Amp GFCI Outlet: Best Tamper Resistant GFCI

TOPELE 15 Amp GFCI Outlet 125 Volt Tamper-Resistant

The 15 Amp TOPELE GFCI Outlet is available with both a regular wall plate and screw-less plate. That means if you like your GFCI to be placed on the wall with screws, then you can choose the plate with screws. Otherwise, you can just choose the screwless plate.

Each of the plates has different methods of installation. So, by choosing this TOPELE GFCI outlet, you can compare the plates and install whichever feels easier for you. This is what makes it the best GFCI outlet tester.

The outlet comes in a user-friendly design and there is a Green Light which helps to indicate the operator whether it is working or not. When this outlet runs out of power or gets broken the green light will turn off. You can trip the device by pressing the test button. The green light, in this case, will still be on.

The TOPELE 15 Amp GFCI Outlet gives ground fault reliable protection in kitchens, bathrooms or any area that is wet, in your house. This merchandise is designed to prevent electrical current shock and you will not have to worry about the installation instructions either since it is very easy.


  • Installation is quite easy.
  • Free wall plates available.
  • Built quality is quite good.
  • Shutters can be activated easily.
  • Includes light indicator.


  • The screw is tough to adjust.
  • Thicker and bulkier compared to others.

3. MFG WG 10 Pack: Best Price on GFCI Outlet

10 Pack- UL Listed GFCI Outlet Receptacle 15-Amp

You will get the best use of the MFG WG 10 Pack  UL Listed GFCI Outlet with a 14 gauge wire. A little more or less than this size wouldn’t be a problem.

There is a safe-lock reliable protection function that will keep you safe from harm. The self-lock of this GFCI also improves its safety measures.

GFCI is basically used to keep yourself protected from electric shock. There have been rigorous tests done on the MFG WG 10 Pack UL certified GFCI Outlet.

These tests ensure a good scale of safety for the users. A monitoring function called the end-of-life is added to increase the safety functions as well.

This GFCI is on the list of best price on GFCI outlet receptacles have a higher build quality than standard receptacles. For using it in wet areas of your house, it is perfect if you are not willing to spend too much on a GFCI but are concerned about your safety.


  • Cheap but good in quality.
  • Screws can be fitted securely.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Very easy to install on walls.
  • Works for ungrounded outlets as well.


  • The ground screw cannot be removed completely.
  • More than two wires are tight to fit.

4. BESTTEN GFCI Outlet: Best GFCI Outlet For Bathroom

BESTTEN Self -Test GFCI Receptacle Outlet with LED Power Indicator

The BESTTEN Self -Test GFCI Receptacle Outlet is another top quality GFCI outlet that you can choose. But this one functions a little differently than the other GFCI outlets.

In this GFCI outlet, the LED indicator is generally off. If it is off then you have to know that this device is now in working mode. If this outlet stops functioning, the LED light indicator will turn on and flash in red color. This is what differs it from the other GFCI outlets.

This one is a self-test GFCI outlet which can automatically run tests to see if the device is working properly or not. If there is any sign that the device isn’t working properly, it will send indications to you and you will know when to check on it.

With the BESTTEN Self -Test GFCI Receptacle Outlet you will get both décor wall plates and screwless wall plates. You can choose either one of them and then change for later. Aside from that both back and side wiring is available with this GFCI outlet and comes with a BESTTEN Tamper.


  • USB outlet included for powering USB C devices.Can be installed quickly and easily.
    Solid and viable construction.
    Can handle bigger wall warts.
    Space between plugs is sufficient.


  • The LED light often fails to work.
  • The plugs are tight to fit into.

5. Leviton GFTR1-W: Best Self-Test GFCI Outlet

Leviton GFTR1-W SmarTest Self-Test SmartlockPro Slim GFCI Tamper

The Leviton GFTR1-W GFCI Receptacle is functioned with automatic self-test options. This option can continually run tests on itself. And, if by any chance the protection is compromised, it will immediately alert the user. This makes it the best self-test gfci outlet.

In most cases when the GFCI cannot respond to a ground fault, it automatically resets. This will temporarily stop the function of the GFCI outlet and thus an accident is likely to occur.

But the Leviton GFTR1-W GFCI Receptacle is different from such outlets. It has a patented reset lockout that helps to keep the GFCI running even when it cannot respond to ground faults.

There is an interior shutter mechanism which will block any kind of contact that is risky. Only when a three-prong or a two-prong plug is inserted in it then it will respond. For easily installing this outlet, even in electrical boxes, the depth of the device is reduced. Overall this is quite a handy GFCI outlet for you.


  • Quick and easy to identify power status.
  • Self-testing ability is included.
  • Quick respond through a lockout.
  • Multiple wires can be fitted without being tight.
  • Easy and quick to install.


  • Faceplates are not included.
  • The reset button is tight to push.

PROCURU 2 Pack - 15A Tamper Resistant GFCI Receptacle Outlet

The PROCURU 2 Pack - 15A GFCI Receptacle Outlet provides continuous and reliable protection over ground fault. So, you and all the other members of your family will stay safe from any kind of mishap that can occur due to electricity in your house.

This GFCI outlet is compatible with 125 Voltage of current and a current flow of 15 amperes. That means it is ideal for using at your home as the average home current contains 125 volts.

Without inserting a two-prong plug you cannot access the power. This is due to the shutter safety measures of the PROCURU GFCI Receptacle Outlet that blocks the access to power.

It is not always possible to do side wiring and back wiring with an ordinary GFCI outlet. But the PROCURU GFCI Receptacle Outlet is capable of providing both the wiring.

Finally, with this GFCI you will get a status indicator light. This light will provide both power and protection status. Along with that, it will also show the status of the line or load reversal.


  • Shutter activation is very easy.
  • Screws are securely adjustable.
  • Suitable for bigger wall warts.
  • Works with an ungrounded outlet as well.
  • Installation is very easy.


  • Will feel heavier than others.
  • Fitting multiple wires is tough.

SECKATECH 20 Amp 125 Volt Tamper-Resistant GFCI Wall Outlet

When it comes to security the SECKATECH GFCI Outlet is one of the best 20 amp GFCI outlets you can ask for. In this outlet, the security mechanism helps the socket to stay locked as long as a single tool is inserted.

Only when a double plug is inserted with the tool, the socket will unlock. With the help of this feature, you can prevent any kind of unnecessary insertion, if you are among those who require improved security.

There is an LED light indicator that will always notify you about the performance of this outlet. When this 20 amp outlet is working, the light will stay on with a green color. On the contrary, if the outlet is not working or stops functioning then the light will be off.

Although there is both a regular and screwless plate available, the screwless plate will feel loose when you install it on the wall. So, we recommend you to use the regular plate instead. Other than that, you are good to go with this GFCI outlet.


  • Faceplates are included.
  • Very easy and fast installation.
  • The outlet is tamper resistant.
  • LED light is bright and easily identifiable.
  • Multiple plates are included to cover the fixture.


  • Screwless plate feels a bit flimsy when installed.
  • The build quality isn’t quite high.

Faith 15-Amp Self-Testing GFCI Outlet

For most of the GFCI outlets, you won't be able to find both side and back wiring options. The Faith 15-Amp Self-Testing GFCI Outlet is one of the few outlets that allow you to wire on the side or in the back.

By purchasing this outlet, you will get wall plates and screws as well. There are very few outlets which give both these extra parts with the outlet. But this one is different from those and provides all the necessary components.

In every 2.5 hours, the Faith 15-Amp Self-Testing GFCI Outlet conducts a self-test automatically. Against ground faults, this self-test ensures continuous outlet protection. If by any chance a ground fault occurs, this GFCI outlet will immediately cut off power to provide safety.

When the outlet is not getting power, the LED indicator will turn off. This shows that the GFCI is getting to its end and you need to change it.


  • Solid and viable build quality.
  • Less deep that fits easily inside the wall.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Both green and red light indicators are available.
  • Less expensive for a high-quality outlet.


  • The surrounding area of the screws is small.
  • Difficult to fit wires from the small.

Cable Matters (2-Pack) 15 Amp Tamper Resistant & Weather Resistant GFCI Outlet

The Cable Matters GFCI Outlet can comply with any residential or non-residential building codes. Any area with moisture that can cause an accidental insertion can be prevented by using this GFCI outlet.

Not only that, this is weather-resistant gfci outlet and also UV resistant which means it will provide protection in times of change of temperature and superior corrosion. This makes it the best GFCI outlet for outdoor applications.

There are other safety features available with this GFCI outlet. Such as an LED status button which stays green in regular condition. But it turns red which indicates there is a problem.

Also, there is a test button that verifies if the GFCI outlet is giving protection or not. If the test determines there is a failure in the outlet then there is a reset button to re-activate the outlet as well.

Above all, this is a self-testing GFCI that performs automatic tests on itself every 5 seconds. If the test shows that the GFCI is at the end of its life, the LED turns off to notify the user.


  • Easy to identify the working status.
  • Solid construction quality.
  • Plug space is good enough.
  • Easy to fit several wires at once.
  • It is quite easy to activate the shutter.


  • Plates will feel flimsy when installed.
  • The reset button is not smooth to push.

ESD Tech 20 Amp GFCI Wall Outlet Receptacle

The ESD Tech GFCI Wall Outlet can run automatic testing periodically. This will ensure if the GFCI outlet is functioning properly or not. The indicator light of this GFCI will flash if it detects any problem. In that case, you can press its reset button.

This self-test runs once in every minute. But you can also run the test manually for this outlet.

There are spring-loaded shutters included in this outlet. It stays close and only allows a plug to be inserted to open the shutters meaning it has an integrated child safety system. This is very important as children can accidentally insert objects like hairpins or keys without this protection.

Both 2 Pole and 3 Wire-Grounding are available with the ESD Tech GFCI Wall Outlet. The elegant design, Wall Plate, and screws for mounting only complement its notable features So, you don’t need to purchase the necessary side components separately and the installation is very quick and easy.


  • Works outside the house as well.
  • Takes less area to fit perfectly.
  • Contains a Self-test feature.
  • A brighter light that is easily noticeable.
  • The build quality is excellent.


  • LED light often fails to function properly.
  • Screws are tight to adjust.

Best GFCI Outlet – Buying Guide

When you are about to buy a GFCI outlet from the market, there are some aspects that you need to know about what is the best gfci outlet. We have given them below to help you choose the best gfci outlet from the wide range products available in the market.

Plate Type

Some outlets have a screwless plate and some have a regular plate with screws. You need to know which one you need for your house. If a screwless plate matches best with the looks of your house then you can choose that one. Otherwise, you can choose the one with screws where the screws of the plate will be visible to the wall. The second one is cheaper than the first one.

Light Indicator

There are different types of light indicators for different brands of GFCI. Some have only red lights, some have green lights, some have both. Some light indicates that the device is working when the light is on and some lights indicate the opposite. You can choose according to your comfort of use.

Fitting Wires

Try to pick an outlet that will allow wiring from the side and the back. Because just one-sided wiring won't cover for every part of your house. So keep this mind.

Test and Reset Buttons

Pick an outlet that contains both these buttons. It is not highly recommended to pick one with a test button as some devices have automatic tests included. But you should definitely pick a one with a smooth reset button as it is necessary to re-activate the device when it stops.

GFCI Outlet Installation Guide & How to Do it in 4 Easy Steps

Below we have given the four easiest steps to install a GFCI outlet.

Step 1: Turning off the Power

First, you have to turn off the power source so that you can connect the wire inside the GFCI electrical box.

Step 2: Identifying the Wires

Next, you have to identify the wire that you need to connect to the GFCI outlet.

Step 3: Connecting the Wire

Then you need to connect the wire to the corresponding pin. For example, you have to connect the ground wire to the ground pin.

Step 4: Closing the Faceplate

Finally, close the faceplate of the outlet by means of a screw or just press it over the box if the outlet is screw-less.

By the way, if you want to replace a GFCI outlet then click here to know details about replacing guide.

Final Thoughts

A GFCI outlet keeps you safe from electrical accidents that can occur all of a sudden without proper protection as you can see. It keeps the house protected from any type of short circuit and other accidents related to it.

So, it is very important that you choose the best GFCI outlet to ensure the highest safety possible. We know that finding the right one can be a bit tricky for you. So, we have already done the hard work and gathered the best ones for you right here. We are sure that you will find the right GFCI outlet from this GFCI outlet reviews guide..


1. How many GFCI outlets can you have on the same circuit?

Ans:  you just need one GFCI outlet per circuit. 

2. Should refrigerator be on GFCI?

Ans: According to The National Electricity Code, 210.8(B), all commercial buildings and kitchens must have GFCI refrigerators. That rule applies to your garage freezer as well. It is just not mandatory for dwelling units. But since electrical hazards can sometimes be unpredictable as ever, it is better to have GFCI refrigerators regardless.


3. Will an ungrounded GFCI work?

Ans:  An ungrounded GFCI will provide protection against short circuit by shutting down within seconds if an electrocution fault should occur. However, it will not protect against electrical arcing.

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