7 Best Driveway Cleaner for 2020: Keep Your Driveway Radiant Clean

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A clean driveway is an essential step in your home improvement. Whether the car leaks fluid or there occurs some accidental spillage of oils, your driveway easily ends up in developing visible stains. Regardless of the driveway type, these stains can be slippery enough for leading to some unexpected and dangerous occurrences. Unfortunately, removal of these stains from your driveway require powerful and convenient cleaner work.

At present, a wide variety of cleaners are introduced in the market for an efficient removal of stains and other deposits from the driveway. Getting the best driveway cleaner seems quite a difficult task thanks to false advertisement.

To help you avoid poor quality products, we came here with 7 high-performing cleaning agents at affordable prices that will definitely help you with surface refinishing.

We are going to look at each of the best cleaning products, their goods and bads and focus on their product specifications.

Product Image

Product Name

Cleaner Type



Microbial Concentration

Concrete, Asphalt, Stone

Microbial Concentration

Concrete, Ceramic, Wood, Metal

Electric Wash with Water


Electric Wash with Water


Chemical Additive

Concrete, Masonry, Asphalt

Water-based liquid Solution

Concrete, Brick, Masonry

Powdered Concentration

Concrete, Masonry

Reviews of 7 Best Driveway Cleaner

Concrete and Driveway Cleaner by TERMINATOR-HSD

Containing billions of micro-organism, the formulation is indeed the most concentrated cleaner in the current market. Terminator-HSD mainly introduces a powerful, digestive, cleaning agent for professional application in the oilfield or industrial use. This works great on stone surfaces as well.

With digestive micro-bacteria, this best concrete driveway cleaner comes with no watery type liquid solution and therefore, no scrubbing is necessary. Even for the deepest, tough oil stain or concrete stain over the driveway or concrete surfaces, or stone surfaces, you will have to do almost nothing to wipe out that oil or grease , and mildew stains. If used correctly, it should clean grout stains too.

It perfectly works on several hydrocarbons like engine oil, diesel, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and many more. It is quite a versatile cleaner. All you have to do is apply the cleaner over the concrete stains following a mist of warm water with a spray bottle on the driveway or concrete surface. It is a great tool for cleaning surfaces. It works for basement surfaces as well.

The formulation of this incredibly versatile cleaner is developed to go far along with a requirement of small amount even for a large stain. Keeping the stained space slightly damp and maintaining the temperature within 40 – 100°F will give you the best result.


  • Completely waterless concentration requires no scrubbing.
  • Works on stone-surfaces.
  • Oil-hungry microbial formulation provides intense cleaning.
  • Removal of the deepest stains with slight amount of cleaner.
  • Highly suitable for all common types of hydrocarbon stains.
  • Optimum performance for industrial, oilfield, household use.


  • The microbial agent can’t clean stains at higher temperatures.
  • Consistent damping of the treated driveway/concrete surface is required.

ACT Microbial Concrete Cleaner

Using the advanced and eco-friendly bioremediation technique, you will receive another best driveway cleaner in a simple pack to remove stains. Being a dry type solution, this microbial formulation of ACT offers the best performance for driveway treatment in no time. It is a completely waterless concrete cleaner.

Through the bioremediation cleaning, you will get a faster and convenient result in a cost-effective way. Not to mention, it takes care of motor oil & grease stains, gum, mildew, mold, bird dropping and even pet urine stains from the concrete surface or driveway surface. Not only that. It can be helpful for cleaning basement surfaces as well.

Apart from taking care of the concrete floors and oil stains, it wipes out the disgusting smell due to pet urine or thick stains. 1 pound of this formulation holds incredibly sufficient for taking care of 100 square feet area.

With a perfect formulation, it will take only 15 days to 30 days to remove leaving no trace of past existence of the stains. You will certainly get an incredible cleaning performance regardless of the temperature of the surrounding surface.


  • Patented bioremediation formula offers quick cleaning.
  • Convenient and cost-effective treatment of thick stains.
  • Removal of different types of stains takes out the odor.
  • Sufficient coverage space with 2.5-pound formulation.
  • Microbial cleaner offers a wider temperature tolerance.


  • The cleaner may not work for particular hydrocarbons.
  • Treated spot can turn resinous due to intense dampness.

Powerhorse Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Enhancement of modern technology leads to more effective solutions of staining problems for your driveway. And this best driveway cleaner pressure washer from Powerhorse comes with a cleaning machine without involving any microbial or watery action for clean-ups.

With a durable stainless steel construction for the circular plates, it withstands the toughest working environment. In addition, the coated steel resists possible corrosion and the following decay. It also allows the machine to maintain the cleaning pressure of 3000 psi.

The rotary swiveling bar comes with spraying nozzles as cleaner attachments to induce better cleaning. There come 2 additional nozzles that will help you with nozzle replacement. The path diameter of 12” holds good enough to wipe out the stains from the driveway surface. It is also string enough to take care of basement surfaces.

For comfortable handling and sufficient maneuverability, there are 3 casters of rubber at the bottom. The included connector offers a suitable connection with the washer that will help you to attain a powerful pressure for convenient cleaning.


  • No microbial action or concentrated chemical is required.
  • Excellent mobility to clean the entire driveway with ease.
  • Quicker removal of stains with silent operational facility.
  • Two included nozzles offer assistance with replacement.
  • Optimum cleaning performance through the 12” path.
  • Detailed usage instructions.


  • An effective manual cleaning may require several passings.
  • Pressure of 3000 psi may not hold good for deeper stains.

SereneLife Electric Power Pressure Washer

With consistent modifications of modern washers, you will just get something pretty sophisticated yet powerful with this unit. Through this SereneLife creation, you will certainly have the best of washing technique for your driveway.

If you want to have something really effective for stain removal, it will provide up to 1160 psi pressure to make it work. Being versatile cleaner with lightweight construction, you can rely on this peculiar unit to wipe out the deepest stains from concrete floors.

Through 11.5’ hose and adjustable spray nozzle, you can attain low to high cold washing water system. It requires only one pass to clean making it an economical option and saves a few gallon water. And the top handle will help you to get the best of portability.

The trigger activated spraying gun, another cleaner attachment, starts working just after a simple plugin to flow the powerful jet-stream. Not to mention, this best concrete driveway cleaner gets you everything to get out of the conventional cleaning solution system.


  • Extremely powerful and adjustable jet-action for cleaning.
  • Simple operation with trigger activated spraying gun system.
  • Universal threaded hose of 11.5’ length offers convenience.
  • Single-pass cleaning technique increases water economy.
  • Easy application with top handle & lightweight construction.


  • It suits more for car washing than driveway with 1160 psi.
  • Poor quality hose connector may develop leaks soon enough.

Krud Kutter DC01 Clear Driveway Cleaner and Degreaser

Containing a unique and effective additive to wipe out the tough stains, it is worthy of its name and price. Needless to say, the proprietary formulation developed by Krud Kutter imparts satisfactory cleaning performance within a reasonable time.

The powerful ingredients of this modern formulation immediately start penetrating through the thick surface and stain layers. By the time, it breaks the bond between oil, grease, mildew, mold, dirt deposition and washes them away from the cleaning surface. It works for all garages, driveways, and basement surfaces.

Through non-toxic and suitable development, the formulation holds good for almost all common cleaning surfaces. It provides perfect cleaning for masonry, brick, concrete floors, asphalt driveway, sideways, concrete patio along with your driveway regardless of the stain condition.

Being a biodegradable formula, the formulation gets away all by itself while being an environmentally friendly cleaner thanks to non-toxic ingredients. With sufficient dosage, you will get to provide a suitable finishing without stains and sealers for the treated surfaces.


  • Perfect blending of powerful surfactants, emulsifiers, detergents.
    Quick penetration to melt and dissolve the oil and grease stains.
  • Promotion of paint & sealer adhesion to induce better finishing.
  • Faster result comes with convenient and simple brushing task.
  • Environmentally friendly action without toxic/polluting ingredients.


  • Cleaning deeper stains will require concentrated application.
  • Skin & eye irritating formulation requires careful handling.

Simple Green Concrete/Driveway Cleaner

Now we are down to a conventional water-based chemical cleaner that provides suitable performance in cleaning driveway junks. In fact, Simple Green comes with something classic among all the advanced and too powerful cleaning agents.

Through the proper user manual application, you can remove oil, grease, grime, and discolorations of concrete or another driveway cleaning surface. it has very detailed usage instructions. It comes in a liquid form. Being non-corrosive and non-degrading type solution, you will find that Simple Green is quite satisfactory for concrete patios, sideways as well.

This best chemical based driveway cleaner contains little amount of toxic ingredients that will be environmentally friendly and safe formula for human health. Of course, the Simple Green solution is highly irritating for human eyes and skin and therefore, requires careful handling and application. Protective and eyewear and gloves are recommended.

With an inherent formulation that is biodegradable, the Simple Green is a safe formula for use for lawns along with numerous spraying equipment and cleaner attachments. An application of this classic stuff is good enough to keep your lawn, sideways, and driveway free of disgusting stains all the way.


  • Superior quality formulation enhances cleaning performance.
  • Powerful enough in cleaning thick & deep layers of grime and performing as a surface cleaner and removing stains.
  • Reasonable liquid quantity of solution covers sufficient driveway space.
  • No corrosion or degradation of the treated surface takes place.
  • Biodegradable type solution provides no harm to trees or animals.


  • Not as powerful as modern microbial or dry cleaning agents.
  • Effective result requires proper, regular and suitable application.

All-Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner

Another classic but powerful cleaning agent is this unit that is capable of removing even the most-stubborn stain from your driveway. The Masonry Defender comes with a perfect cleaning powder formulation to take care of masonry or act as a concrete driveway cleaner. This is an all-purpose cleaner.

The powdered concentration induces a user-friendly use over the stained area. You have to make a thick paste to get the best results. Not to mention, it cleans the dirt and grime deposition from masonry and concrete. Also, it melts the deepest layer of stains resulted from nasty oil, grease, and mildew.

Through the non-toxic formulation, you won’t have to worry about the safety of plants and vegetation. The powerful concentration comes with no harmful chemicals so it is environmentally friendly and safe formula for human health as well.

With a proper application, this all purpose cleaner cleans and also, prepares the surface of masonry or concrete before the application of sealing material. You can certainly rely on these best cleaners for oil stains on the driveway to get the best of removal of stains from the surface at once.


  • Highly suitable for stained or degraded masonry or concrete.
  • All-purpose cleaner.
  • One single container can treat up to 900 square feet area.
  • Powdered concentration imparts maximum safety for users.
  • Non-toxic ingredients provide no harm to plants/vegetation.
  • Simple cleaning application with less concentrated solution.


  • Consistent and regular manual application is necessary.
  • Proper concentration needs to be applied for effective cleaning.

Buying Guide for Best Driveway Cleaner

Proper driveway cleaning technique requires a good quality dissolving agent that will not just wipe out the stains but also imparts a good finishing for the surface and gives it a fresh look. In fact, getting the best driveway cleaner is quite difficult as there are too many models are there to choose. Knowing some particular factors controlling the quality will help you to avoid such circumstance.

  • Driveway Condition: you have to decide the requirement of treatment type according to the current condition of the driveway. It will determine which is the best driveway cleaning technique for you. For too thick and stubborn stains, you have to get a powerful cleaner rather than an ordinary one.
  • Container Capacity: The capacity of the container provides coverage and full-strength for the stained surface. With a larger capacity, you can treat a huge space. Meanwhile, you may need to purchase several containers that come with the low capacity to cover a larger space.
  • Ingredients: Cleaning agents contain a strong chemical solution that is quite irritating for human skin and eye. Though it is common for cleaners, you have to ensure that the chosen one comes with no sort of toxic or hazardous ingredient.
  • Deep Cleaning: Whether the cleaner is capable of deep cleaning is another big consideration. If your driveway is suffered from intense and heavy staining, you have to choose something elegant that can dissolve even the thickest stain.
  • Time Requirement: You also need to ensure the cleaner acts fast to clean the stains and grimes. There are some cleaners that require several weeks to deliver the visible result. And there are others that provide a result within days after application.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Driveway

Apart from specific cleaners, you can give a try with some regular things each of which is considered as the best oil remover from concrete driveway. Though there exist several tricks to help yourself with this cleaning, we got here 3 homemade concrete cleaners, helpful tips, and driveway cleaning techniques that provide a good result.

  • Detergent: Though commercial detergents offer good result in removing stains, they require considerable manual effort. Proper and hard bristles with scrubbing brush hold pretty well in cleaning the driveway. Liquid dish detergent can also work on fresh oil stains.
  • Coca-Cola: This common beverage comes with incredible efficiency in removing light stains that are quite recent in age. All you have to do is pour a small liquid quantity over the affected area and leave it overnight. Rinsing off with water will take out the stains for sure.
  • Oven Cleaner: Greater amount of oven cleaner needs to be applied over the thin layers of stains. You have to wait about 15 minutes to get an effective result. With scrubbing using a brush, you will see the visible removal of stains from the driveway.

Final Thoughts

There is a wide variety of cleaners for a driveway that you have to go through the description of the cleaners at least once. With our review, you should get some basic features, quality controlling factors and useful types of cleaners by now. Each of the best driveway cleaner from our list comes with satisfactory performance even in professional and large-scale application. Therefore, you will have the perfect cleaning for your driveway to your parking lots with the right one for sure.


1. What is the best thing to clean a concrete driveway?

Ans: Mix your strongest driveway cleaner with hot water to get optimum cleansing.

2. Does white vinegar clean concrete?

Ans: No. White vinegar strips concrete off its protective sealing coat or wax, giving it the seemingly clean look. White vinegar is harmful to concrete in the long run.

3. How do I get stains off my driveway?

Ans: Use the ACT Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser to get rid of stains off your driveway.

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