Best Concrete Stain for 2020 – The 5 Best Stains for Your Project

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For years, decorative concrete has been in practice with acid, solvent and water-based stains to induce rich and attractive color schemes for the surface. Reasons? Well, there are many.

Firstly, using different stains allows you to expand the palette with single or multiple colors. Secondly, concrete has numerous fine pores and the stains penetrate to get there and to react to provide a bond.

The applied stain has to act as a part of concrete that won’t experience any fading, peeling or chipping. This is why you have to choose the best concrete stain for a perfect decoration.

Here we go with 5 best concrete stain reviews in the market that will deliver great durability and color pattern-

Reviews of 5 Best Concrete Stain

1.Concrete Coatings SuperSeal 2000 Review- Best Concrete Sealer 

SuperSeal 2000

#1 of the list is Superseal 2000 review, from one of the best concrete stain brands of today's market- Concrete Coatings.

You can impart a perfect and glazing wet look by applying this quality sealing coat over the concrete surface. Being a quality solvent based formulation, this cover from Concrete Coating suits exterior and interior surface decoration.

Over curing, it provides a glossy surface that seems incredible smooth along with a wet appearance. This aromatic sealer is easy to put on concrete or cementitious surfaces that require no additional tools or premixing before applications.

It encourages the concrete color to a great extent that looks much better than typical concrete stain color. With a non-yellowing formulation, the coating comes with superior durability and stronger binding strength to withstand any adverse condition.

The sticky coat allows mopping, sweeping or vacuuming action thanks to its ability to develop moist resisting characteristic. With a thicker concentration for the coating, it is indeed the best concrete sealer you can have.


  • Quality formulation induces increased durability and outlook.
  • Glossy and wet looking surface provides superb decoration.
  • Simple to apply without requiring any premixing or heating.
  • Greater resistance to color fading and minor chemical reaction.
  • Thick enough to protect underlying layers from getting exposed.


  • Odors will prevail inside the room for several hours.
  • Highly toxic and therefore requires careful application.

2. Rust-Oleum 247161 Review - Best Acid Stain for Concrete

Rust-Oleum 247161 Concrete Stain Spray

Impart a custom outlook for the gray concrete surface along with a perfect staining agent like this best concrete acid stain. Not to mention, Rust-Oleum 247161 provides a top-quality formulation to induce a greater and outstanding cover for the surface.

Through a satisfactory formulation, the applied stain easily resists intense moisture action regardless of the weather over full curing with time. Being resistant to weather, you will get a durable coloring agent to decorate the exterior portion from this rust-oleum concrete stain. Specially, concrete walls that're built with adhesives, requires such moisture-protection a lot. 

Apart from that, you can combine the spray with other colors from Rust-Oleum which enables you to impart a greater outlook. Again, it is capable of providing a stronger bonding with concrete, masonry and stone surfaces. This is however, a great benefit comparing concrete stain vs paint and their impacts. 

You can use water and soap to clean the surface but rough mopping or sweeping may take out the coating at several points. Using this best concrete stain to have a high-end finishing with a perfect decorative appearance.


  • Superior formulation induces stronger & better stickiness.
  • Highly suitable for concrete, accent pieces, and even masonry.
  • Easy and quick cleaning along with household water, soaps.
  • Combination with other colors provides custom appearance.
  • Sufficient coverage area comes with reasonable cutting time.


  • The stain may require multiple coats for good outlook.
  • Application on heavily wet surface may not hold good.

3. VIVID Acid Stain Review - Best Concrete Stain for Driveways

VIVID Acid Stain - 1 Gal - Walnut

For having a variegated as well as mottling appearance for the concrete surface, you can rely on this formulation. Not to mention, this time Concrete Coatings comes with the best concrete stain for driveways and pool deck with a walnut coloring surface.

Quality formulation offers greater but reasonable penetration into the concrete and therefore, makes the stain more durable and strongly bonded. Thus, the color won’t fade away and there won’t be any sort of chipping, cracking or peeling.

Being an acid-based staining agent, it offers supreme bonding strength that holds with the surface even at the roughest condition. The peculiar transformation gives the ordinary concrete or cementitious surface a marvelous and attractive look.

This best concrete stain and sealer is capable of producing color variations over different surfaces which makes this a good option for decorative purposes. Through proper reaction with the concrete, the minerals will deliver a satisfactory surface in the first place.


  • Stronger binding capability through acid based formulation.
  • Variance in color forming over different types of surfaces.
  • Incredibly higher coverage of space with one gallon of stain.
  • Reasonable penetration into top layer offers better durability.
  • Greater quality to reduce possible chipping, peeling or cracking.


  • Heavily toxic stain requires a very careful application.
  • Color appearance is not guaranteed with this product.

4. Sakrete Quikrete 1317-01 Review - Best Concrete Stain for Patio

Quikrete 1317-01 Liquid Cement Color

Unlike the aforementioned ones, this best stain for concrete patio is compatible with gray surfaces only which means the concrete portions. But with this Quikrete production, you will certainly have a decent appearance for the old or faded concrete surface for sure.

This unique coloring agent comes in liquid form and therefore, you can attain the desired concentration using a certain amount of water. The mix with water requires an immediate application to have the best result for the concrete.

Providing a permanent integral color to the surface, it enhances the existing outlook to a great extent. Needless to say, you can apply this ergonomic staining agent over mortar mix, sand mix and other cementitious mixes like stucco.

Of course, the convenient formulation induces a durable cover that is easy to apply and maintain as well. With a brown concrete stain color for the gray surface, you will definitely get an attractive outlook for the floors or roofs.


  • Extended serviceability along with quality chemical formulation.
  • Greater container capacity allows application for larger spaces.
  • Easy application saves time without requiring additional tools.
  • Desirable concentration with water attains better surface coloring.
  • Convenient setting for the applied mix with 2 days of full curing.


  • Appeared color may not be dense for particular surfaces.
  • Careless usage may develop leakages on containing a bottle.

5. Concrete Stain Concentrate - Best Water Based Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain Concentrate Just Add Water

It is rather common for stains to have toxic ingredients due to acid or solvent based formulation. But Concrete Resurrection introduces a water-based and environment-friendly, one of the most convenient concrete stains is non toxic concrete stain because it comes with no toxic or hazardous element.

The non-acidic, water-based formulation quickly and gently penetrates into the topmost layer of the concrete surface. The best part is you will get numerous color arrays which you can mix with one another to attain a better color combination.

With a perfect bond, you can have translucent surface and also, opaque surfaces depending on our choice. Needless to say, you can add 4 times water for minimum dilution whereas you can provide 8 times water with the stain for maximum dilution.

Introducing a dark slate appearance for the surface, this best water based concrete stain gives the exterior a more attractive, matching and unique outlook. Though you will need multilayer staining for a darker color, you will enjoy a time-saving stain application for sure.


  • Water-based formulation induces safety with convenience.
  • No possibility of pollution or hazard without toxic ingredients.
  • Suitable dilution of the concentrated stain with water.
  • Moderate surface coverage along with quick curing time.
  • Incredible bonding with the pores to provide an opaque color.


  • Multilayer application to achieve a darker color is costly.
  • The stain may not work well over certain concrete.

Buying Guide

Having the best concrete stain is the prerequisite when you want to impart a decorative outlook for the concrete surfaces. But there are poor stains that only provides a layer and there are good decorative concrete stain that change the entire appearance.

Knowing about the quality controlling factors will help you to find the top-quality products within seconds. And regarding the concrete stain, we enlisted the controlling features to know the answer to the question what is the best concrete stain.

  • Formulation: The formulation type is the very first thing you need to check out. Solvent and acid-based formulation provide better quality and powerful stickiness with the concrete. water based concrete stain colors are also held good enough but it is less powerful than those.
  • Penetration: The penetrating concrete stain formulation penetrates to reach the pores of the concrete block and makes bonding there. But excess penetration makes the process costly enough to abandon. This is why you have to ensure that less but sufficient penetration occurs.
  • Color Density: Attaining a good, dense color for the surface is indeed one of the most important. The coloring may provide a decent or poor outlook depending on surface condition and application efficiency.
  • Toxic Ingredients: Presence of various toxic elements is common for the stains. The toxic ones should be applied, managed and stored with extensive care. But water-based ones non toxic concrete stain and it is safer to use.
  • Dilution: Dilution of the concentrated stain is often required for attaining a specific color density. Applying thick formulation can damage the skin and will require lots of quantity to make the coloring.
  • Application: Though applying the stain is more or less the same for all the products, you want to choose something that requires the least preparation before applying. Also, you need to check the compatibility of the stain over other cementitious materials.

The Steps of Concrete Stain Application

Here we provided a simple, short and effective guideline to help you with the staining process.

  • Step 1: Repair the crack –

First and foremost job is to observe the surface you are going to stain for if there is any crack. if you found any then use concrete patch to repair the crack. 

  • Step 2: Washing the Surface –

Whether you want to stain or paint the surface, you have to clean it first. In fact, you need to have a cleaned and dried surface for staining.

  • Step 3: Applying the Stain –

Prepare the stain by mixing with water and so right before the application. Then apply the formulation over the surface gently to cover the spaces.

  • Step 4: Providing Additional Layers –

If you want to have a thicker or denser color for the concrete, you will need multiple layers of stains to make it work. You need to wait for some time before adding up a layer.

  • Step 5: Applying the Sealer –

Try to induce a finishing for the coat with a roller or pump-up sprayer. But you should apply this sealing layer after the stains get dried.

By the way we have a detail guide on "things to know before concrete staining". Click here to read the complete guide.

Different Staining Techniques for Concrete

Having the right appearance for the concrete with staining is a challenge and we got here several available techniques of concrete staining.

  • Mottling Appearance with Single Staining Color:
    These are basically acid stains that provide a single colored surface inducing a mottling look.
  • Consistent Surfacing through Gloss Stains:
    These are also acid-based stains which comes without any etching to introduce a glossy surface.
  • Multi-layered Outlook with Different Colors:
    It is indeed a combination of different types of stains at a time that results in a colorful appearance.
  • Organic Leather Appearance through Watery Stains:
    Using water-based stains for the concrete easily imparts a natural look in a linear process.
  • Variegated Countenance with Dyeing Stains:
    Through different dyes and stains, it gives the surface a more polished and variegated outlook.
  • Faux Finishing through Color Enhancing Agents:
    This is just another color combination in a more convenient way to get a wild coloring effect.

Final Thoughts

Apart from many other things regarding the surface color, stains can provide health hazards with their toxic contaminants. You will definitely require a safe application there and our best concrete stain will induce the safety with ease for the application. 

Each of the enlisted ones delivers the best possible service you can expect from a cost-effective stain. Although the preferred option differs from person to person and also, professional requirement, you will get a perfect outlook with the right choice. But with the right one, you will surely have the desired appearance you want to have for the concrete surface.


1. Can old concrete be stained?

Ans: Yes, old concrete can be stained easily unless there’s any paint, glue or wax covering the surface.

2. What is the best concrete stain?

Ans: Concrete Coatings SuperSeal 2000

3. How long does concrete stain last?

Ans: A well-done stain job will probably last you a lifetime. Just remember to follow up with a coat sealer every two years.

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