Best Concrete Patch in 2020 – Simple Concrete Repairs

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From roads to driveways, parking slabs or to overhead slabs, all concrete surfaces are subjected to develop a crack. Plastic shrinkage, contraction & improper drying are the possible culprits behind the scene.

So, what solutions we’ve got in hands for surface cracks in concrete?

In practice, there are several ways to repair and reduce the concrete cracking. Among all of the way, concrete patch repair is relatively an economic option and best way to repair exposed concrete.

Although you can’t treat larger cracks using the concrete patch, but it provides an excellent repairing job for the narrow or small crack, small spalls, and even broken pieces. And to have the best result, you need to use the best concrete patch.

Here in today’s post, we’ve got 7 of the best concrete patches that will come with a superior formulation to provide an incredible repairing service for the concrete cracks. Let’s start with a glimpse at the comparison chart-

Reviews of 7 Best Concrete Patch

1. Dap 37584 Liquid Cement Crack Filler Review: Best Concrete Floor Patch

Dap 37584 Liquid Cement Crack Filler-Quart Bottle

Presenting the best concrete patch of the list of many, the DAP 37584 Liquid Cement Crack Filter.

You can easily expunge the narrow cracks over concrete decks or basements using this ergonomic DAP concrete patch. DAP 37584 comes with a liquid filler that perfectly reaches and saturates all the empty spaces inside the crack in no time.

Being available in liquid form, it is hassle-free as you won’t have to deal with any proportioning, mixing and others. The ready-mixed liquid arrives in a workable condition and all you have to do is apply the filler on the crack.

The setting time for this premixed liquid is about 30 – 45 minutes for small and narrow cracks in typical concrete. This is indeed a moderately faster setting time for a concrete filler and therefore, you won’t have to wait long to open the concrete for traffic.

The superior formulation provides a self-leveling setting for the liquid which will result in a flat concrete filling without major bulk surfacing. Along with this easy to apply the product, you can surely have the best concrete floor patch.


  • Greater formulation induces complete filling of the crack.
  • Extremely easy to apply on the crack requiring any tools.
  • Complete setting within 30 – 40 minutes for typical concrete.
  • Self-leveling formulation leaves no undulation on surface.
  • Suitable for interior as well as exterior concrete repairing.


  • The filler may come out due to harsh or wet condition.
  • Thicker liquid may require heating for proper filling.

2. Dap 32611 Pre-Mixed Review: Best Concrete Patch for Driveway

Dap 32611 Phenopatch Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch

There comes versatile product DAP 32611 that provides the best way to patch concrete cracks. Being a high-quality patch, it also enables you to bind the broken concrete pieces or deteriorated mortar to fill the gap or crack.

The formulation of the patch is based on calcium carbonate which acts as the primary binder for the pieces. Not to mention, you can apply this best concrete patch to attain a durable, hardened finishing for the concrete surface.

Though it requires about 24 hours to set which is a bit longer time, it provides no shrinkage offering the best way to patch concrete driveway. Allowing the patch to cure for 7 days or a week will develop the maximum strength for the bond that won’t go down that easy.

It is suitable for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces of the house or backyard, though not recommended for road application. Along with this one, you can attain a perfect repairing service for concrete and mortar. So, don't miss this best concrete patch for driveway if you have such issue.


  • Calcium carbonate based formulation offers strong binding.
  • Durable and hardened finishing surface without shrinkage.
  • Easy and effortless application for the ready-mix patch.
  • Suitable for concrete, mortar and even masonry repairing.
  • Capable of binding broken pieces of masonry and concrete.


  • Not usable for concrete exposed to vehicular movement.
  • Full curing may not occur due to wet or freezing weather.

3. Quikrete Concrete Crack Seal Review: Best Concrete Patch for Garage Floor

Quikrete Concrete Crack Seal Natural 1 Qt

When it comes to sealing off the concrete cracks to a medium extent, you can choose this unit to attain a durable patching. Needless to say, quikrete concrete crack seal provides a perfect blend of the powerful chemical formulation to patch the crack.

You can apply this natural sealing agent to concrete when the crack is not more than 0.5” wide. It may not hold good for larger cracks, yet capable of delivering a durable and sturdy bonding that will reduce the cracking progress.

With the ready to use formulation, you will find it a hassle-free task to apply the patch over the crack. This best concrete patch for garage floor hole saves your time and therefore, requires no special help from others or any additional equipment.

Being pourable, all you have to do is open the cap and pour the blend. Apart from that, the formulation quickly takes place the natural color of concrete which will give the repairing work a more acceptable appearance.


  • Complete sealing off cracks can fill the entire gap and voids.
  • Incredible formulation requires no pre-mixing or heating.
  • Resistance to moderate temperature change induces durability.
  • Strong enough to reduce & slow down the cracking process.
  • Pourable blending is easy to handle and apply with accuracy.


  • Not suitable for wider or heavily cracked concrete surface.
  • After opening, the blend may get thicker for certain reasons.

4. Red Devil 0645 Pre-Mixed Review: Best Concrete Patch for Driveways

Red Devil 0645 Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch Squeeze Tube

Patch the increasing concrete crack within minutes by using this incredible quality product from Red Devil. The ready mix concrete tube induces a user-friendly application introducing the best concrete patch for driveways.

You can apply this to fill gaps and holes in concrete, masonry with other types of blocks that supports chemical patch. Needless to say, it works fast enough to develop the full binding strength within hours.

The squeeze tube design allows you to use the patch with better accuracy and greater control over the application. You won’t have to heat up the mix before application and thus, you can easily place the patch.

For clean up, you can use the Red Devil 0645 pre-mixed concrete patch with normal water and the patch won’t shrink or wash away thanks to its strong formulation. It easily adheres to the concrete and binds the crack that no further damage will occur.


  • Squeezable tube design allows simple and precise application.
  • Compatible with concrete, brick and even masonry blocks.
  • Reasonable setting and curing time develops superior strength.
  • Quick drying induces natural and common concrete color.
  • Smooth and better finishing appears with water cleaning.


  • Not recommended for heavy or wide crack repairing.
  • Wet weather may dry off the patch if remains open.

5. Rust-Oleum 301012 Review: Best Concrete Patch for Large Cracks

Rust-Oleum 301012 wall-surface-repair-products

Despite having a costly price, this concrete patch provides sufficient repairing that is worth the price. Of course, this Rust-Oleum concrete patch induces a perfect formulation to meet our requirements regarding quality repairing.

Like most of the quality patches, you can fill and repair cracks that are a ½ inch wide. Needless to say that this one is best concrete patch for large cracks because you can treat a bit larger cracks as well but the binding ma holds much longer under difficult or harsh environment.

The best thing about this unit is its quick drying and setting. Superior formulation of the filler induces faster binding capacity with the concrete surface. In fact, the applied filler gains full strength within 8 hours.

Through better quality and strength, it is suitable for industrial applications offering the best way to patch concrete. The epoxy concrete patch is indeed easy to apply which is able to induce a permanent repairing that doesn’t shrink to trigger future cracking.


  • Convenient 2-part system can repair holes and cracks.
  • Suitable filling for concrete cracks up to ½” width.
  • Faster curing time of 8 hours to develop full strength.
  • Easy mixing and application require no additional tool.
  • Solid epoxy formulation provides permanent bonding.


  • Tackiness can occur after mixing to resist the flow.
  • The patch color may seem a bit different at first.

PC Products 25581 PC-Crete Hand Moldable Concrete Epoxy Putty

Being suitable for a wide variety of applications, you will get an incredible repairing putty to erase the cracks. Moreover, Protective Coating introduces an ergonomic creation to deal with the overhead and also, vertical filling problems.

This best concrete patch comes with incredibly faster setting and curing time after application. Not to mention, it needs only about 3 minutes to set the bonding and full curing within an hour to make sure the perfect strengthening.

The container is made of the soft cover which not only keeps a secure storage for the formula and allows you to make manual molding. It eliminates the requirement of pre-mixing or softening without any sort of tools.

Full cured bond can withstand temperature variances from -20°F to 200°F and provides a durable repairing. Maintaining the highest standard quality through powerful formulation, you will certainly have a full recovery line with this best concrete driveway patch.


  • Incredibly faster setting and full curing within an hour.
  • Convenient formulation offers better filling performance.
  • Highly suitable for concrete or masonry cracks & holes.
  • Simple application without mixing or heating requirement.
  • Sufficient temperature tolerating range of -20°F to 200°F.


  • Repositioning of the concrete filler may not be possible.
  • Exposed to weather for long may damage the filler quality.


Unlike the others, it comes with a unique formulation that easily suits the patching requirements providing the best way to patch holes in concrete. With a larger sized container, you will definitely have sufficient filler to expunge all the cracks.

With vinyl formulation, you will get the best possible performance for the crack filling. Not to mention, it comes with a quicker setting and medium curing time allowing you to make repositioning upon necessity.

Apart from that, vinyl constituent induces greater durability and stickiness for the concrete surfaces. The pre-mix concrete may require some heat before applying. But it requires no further tools or enhancement.

The quality patch can easily repair cracked, spalled or chipped concrete and even masonry blocks. Again, the commercial quality acrylic offers a perfect gray appearance allowing you to have the best way to patch a hole in concrete.


  • Larger container size allows greater repairing work.
  • Sturdy and durable bonding through vinyl construction.
  • Reasonable curing time allows necessary repositioning.
  • Easy application on cracked, spalled or chipped surface.
  • Commercial grade formulation induces better bondage.


  • Filling may not withstand rapid temperature variance.
  • Able to fill and repair only 1/16” or narrower cracks.

Buying Guide for Best Concrete Patch

Concrete patches are indeed useful in expunging the cracks, holes or gaps in a convenient and acceptable way. To attain the best result, you have to choose a suitable patch that can offer the perfect binding with the cracked surface. There are some specific factors you need to consider when you want to have the best concrete patch to work with.

  • Crack Width: Most of the patches are limited to a certain width for the crack. In fact, concrete patches can handle narrower cracks with better efficiency. Therefore, you have to determine the width and size of the crack that occurred over the concrete surface.
  • Suitability: Some fillers are suitable only for concrete surface patching. Meanwhile, some others are suitable for masonry, bricks apart from the concrete which provides a wider application. According to our necessity, you can choose either one.
  • Curing Time: Both quick setting and curing is a desirable quality of a patching agent. Too fast or too slow will surely reduce the binding quality. Depending on formulation and usage, you will get several choices to make.
  • Application: A hassle-free operation is a requisite to attain a comfortable and effortless application of the mixture. It is better to choose pre-mixed concrete patch and requires no further work before application.
  • Temperature Tolerance: It is another important criterion that contributes to the durability of the binding. Extremely heated or cold environment easily loosens the bond and results in washing away of the filler.

How to Repair Cracks in Concrete

Here is a simple guideline to help you in regards of how to apply concrete patch to repair the cracks with ease.

  • Step 1: Removing the Dirt –

You need to take away all the broken pieces and larger debris around the crack using hammer and chisel.

  • Step 2: Cleaning the Crack –

Then you can go for brush and vacuums for further cleaning to remove smaller particles around and inside the crack.

  • Step 3: Applying Patch on Crack –

Slowly spread the patch over the crack to fill the gaps and check after some time to ensure that the patch has settled.

  • Step 4: Allowing to Cure –

Then leave the patching for overnight setting or recommended time from the producer and observe whether further filling is necessary.

Here is a detail guide on how to patch concrete floor you can visit to get detail knowledge on that.

  • Step 5: Sealing the Patch –

You can use polyethylene or other suitable polymers to seal off the patch to prevent possible staining or damage.

Final Thoughts

Regarding the price, you will get a satisfactory repairing for the cracked concrete with a matching patch. Cracks cause the failure in concrete and as soon as it starts to appear, you need to act fast to minimize the reduction. We enlisted the best concrete patches that will not just expunge the gap, but also reduces the crack development resisting future shrinkage.

Along with the buying guideline, you can choose the most suitable and economic one by yourself along with best concrete patch material. With a concrete patch, you won’t need repair workers, any messy setups for mixing and long setting or curing time. A suitable patch will, therefore, provide a secure and convenient repairing job for the concrete.


1. What is the best concrete patch?

Ans: Dap 37584 Liquid Cement Crack Filler.

2. Can you patch concrete with cement?

Ans: You cannot patch concrete with cement alone. You should get a cement-based filler compound to patch cracked concrete. We recommend DAP 37584 Liquid Cement Crack Filler.

3. Does concrete resurfacing last?

Ans: Yes, if done well a concrete resurfacing can last up to 15 years.

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