Best Come Along in 2019 – Durable & Heavy Duty Collections!

Best Come Along in 2019 – Durable & Heavy Duty Collections!

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Have you been in a situation when you’ve to move bulky stuff without the help of any electrical or gas source?

I know you’ve been there and that’s the reason drove you to buy a come along. Fortunately, we’ve been concerned about that very same thing, and come up with the piece you’re going through right now.

But, you’ll find yourself unfortunate enough when you get a bad come along in that situation. Which is whatsoever, worse than pushing or dragging the item thyself.

Worry not, here is what we’ve done for you-

This article is the list of 10 of the best come along of the market, which is sorted out through a 6-days research. We’ve taken both product quality and price-quality ratio into consideration.

Now I’ll shut up here and take you through a glance at the comparison table-

Reviews of 10 Best Come Along

TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

Welcome to the #1 ranked Tekton 5547, the excellent power puller from the manufacturer Tekton. It’s heavy duty, satisfiable and the manufacturer already got so many praises for producing TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear come along.

Pulling capacity of the tool is 4000 pounds and that is increasable to 8000 pounds. To increase the capacity you just need to double of the cable.

This kit offers you to pull heavy objects. It has 21-inch handle that can be controlled easily one hand. The handle is equipped with the non-slip cushioned grip which means you can hold it comfortably.¼ inch aircraft grade braided steel cable that is increasable up to 12’7”. All that mean is, it gives you enough length of working place.

The item is constructed with high-grade steel entirely and that is resistant against corrosion. This is the reason the tool can give you long-term services.

This is the perfect tool for farm project, landscaping, or construction site where requires power puller. We are sure it can satisfy you.


  • Heavyweight can be pulled by one hand effort.
  • Corrosion resistant steel construction ensures long-lasting services.
  • Non-slip ratchet handle
  • Auto closing safety latches hook for a secure connection.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Little bit difficult in holding upnear capacity.

TEKTON 5541 2-Ton Power Puller

This is the perfect and easy operating power puller that can be controlled by less effort. At the same time, it can be controlled without any difficulty. This come along is a good performer where it is capable of handling up to 2 ton.

As like as the previous model its ratchet gear pulley system handled by one hand effort and has the ability to pull heavy loads easily. Its 3/6 inch cable is also made by aircraft-grade braided steel.

Maximum pulling length of this tool is 7’10”. The cable remains strong in full extend condition while holding maximum. And it is possible only because of high steel construction. Both hooks are self-closing that indicates a good connection to the objects and reduces the chance of an accident.

Though its maximum capacity is 4000 pounds, the safest range is up to 2000 pounds. When you want to buy a power puller at comparatively lower price without negotiation with quality then this is the product that really perfect for you.


  • Heavy loads pulley system requires less effort.
  • Self-closing latch hooks for a safe connection.
  • The handle comes with a non-slip cushioned grip.
  • Corrosion resistant construction materials ensure long lasting service.


  • Controlling mechanism sometimes becomes difficult.
  • Little bit difficult in maximum control.

Maasdam Pow'R Pull 144SB-6 2 Ton Capacity Pow'R Pull USA Made

Maasdam 2-ton capacity power puller is very much useful in various activities such as pull stumps, tighten fence, move large logs, jerk vehicles out of goods, or move anything which weight is less than 2-tons.

If the construction materials are high in quality, then the power puller will be able to do its job perfectly. For the reason, tempered steel is used to make handle and frame of the tool. Tempered steel construction makes the tool highly strong and rugged. That’s the reason you can use it when you need to pull maximum weight safely. It is also resistant against wear. This property also makes it durable.

It features notch-at-a-time let down. It ensures letting down heavy loads without any damage but let you good control. This feature is the reason of trouble-free and smooth let down.

The non-slip handle prevents getting fatigue of hand and ensures a comfortable grip.

This is the tool that is one of the best come along of this range. This can give you smooth performance and you can control it properly. So, make it purchase and get it benefits.


  • Enough strong and durable come along.
  • Good control and trouble-free let down.
  • Reduce the chance of hand fatigue.
  • Reinforced steel guard reduces the chance of getting an injury to the operator.


  • Self-closing latch hooks become jam after a certain period.

Maasdam Pow'R Pull 144S-6 1 Ton Capacity Pow'R Pull USA Made

If your task is not so heavy then you don’t need to buy a heavy tool with expensive price. When you need to move anything that weight range within 1-ton, it can be your first choice.

3/6 inch cable that is made by aircraft grade braided steel. The cable is galvanized finish and that can be extended up to 12’ to pull your loads. The cable length is enough for the convenience.

Handle and frame of the come along are constructed with high quality, stronger, cold rolled tempered steel. This material makes the power puller enough strong and durable. On the side, it has high quality aluminum alloy ratchet wheel that is precisely fitted. No other part of this come along is underrated. All are durable and reinforced materials.

Users of this come along are very much satisfied with its performance. That is why it becomes as the best rated come along. You always get the best performance if you can purchase a quality product. Taste the quality of this come along.


  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality steel makes it reinforce and durable.
  • Non-slip handle provides comfortable grip.
  • Trouble free let down.


  • It is almost devoid of disadvantage.

Neiko 02256A Power Cable Puller

If you need a power puller that is able to pull heavy loads then your choice can be the Neiko 02256A power cable puller. It can be widely used for the purposes of farming, construction, or any tasks involved with moving of heavy load.

High-end steel body, zinc plate gears, and hooks all are resistant against rust. That is why the tool is durable and long lasting all the way.

It can pull up to 5-ton loads easily. But, when heavy loads handled by single-handedly it can’t perform as the powerful puller. The special feature of the tool is double geared locks. The locks balance the weight equally and force is also distributed evenly to the gears for the pulling off heavy loads easily.

Its ratchet handle is equipped with the PVC coated grip to get the ultimate result of the non-slip handle. So, the chance of slipping from the hand is near about zero.

It is really the best come along when you already know how to use it. If you don’t operate it properly it may seem very difficult to you. Just think it before buy.


  • It can easily bear 5-ton loads.
  • Gears and hooks are rust resistant.
  • Handle comes with non-slip PVC coat.
  • Loads are evenly distributed to both gears that enhance ease pull off.


  • Handle need to be more durable

1-1/2 Ton Lever Block Chain Hoist Come Along

We always want to buy a product that can fulfill our needs. At the same time, we also want to buy at a cheap price. At this price, this is really an excellent tool and you also agree with me just after use.

Its capacity is 1 and ½ ton. You can use it several times continuously with the maximum capacity without facing any trouble. Its users also tell this truth.

Chain of the tool is enough strong to pull up 1 and ½ ton. It is featured as the way so that you can move chain quickly. Quick moving chain enhances you to finish the task quickly. But, some of the users require a longer chain.

For any task, you should prepare with the perfect tools. Similarly, you should not use a 1-1/2 ton come along to pull objects that weight is over than 3-ton. According to the capacity, it is never a low rated come along.


  • Quick moving chain increases the working speed.
  • It does a perfect job when to pull maximum capacity
  • The perfect tool for pulling stumps and large rocks.


  • Need longer chain.

OrangeA 3 Ton Lever Block Chain Hoist 10FT

This model Lever Block Chain hoist comes to us with the lifting capacity of 3-ton. This is really a good power puller within this weight range. We don’t know what are you thinking about the tool but we are sure its performance will surprise you.

It comes to you with the maximum lifting capacity of 3-ton and able to lift any heavy objects 5 feet above from the ground. Some power puller contains some problems and they cannot lift their mentioned maximum weight. But, you never have to face such a problem with the tool.

The wonderful feature mechanical load breaks are included with the power puller for the safety control while lifting. To ensure load and lift safely the tool contains safety latches with two swivel eye hooks. Gear of the come along also makes the chain hoist easy operating.

Its structure is super light but constructed with tough steel and compact design. So it can easily be used in narrow spaces or high place. This is one of the best come along that you can buy definitely.


  • Mechanical breaks ensure weight lifting safely.
  • Perfect tool that can be used in narrow spaces.
  • The light structure that can be moved easily.
  • Ideal tools for the garage, factories, and workshop.


  • The handle is little bit slippery.

5 Ton Come Along Winch by JABETC

If you need a heavy duty tool, the product needs to be enough sturdy. The power puller is designed for pulling 5-ton and keeping this fact in mind the manufacturer makes it as it can do the job perfectly.

When a come along pulls any huge weight object, it should feature ratchet pulling system. The product is also featured with the property to move slowly as it does the job without producing any trouble. Its lifting power is outstanding and it is able to lift 5-ton without any difficulty.

8 feet cable of the power puller is constructed with heavy-duty steel. For its outstanding performance users have no complained about cable performance.

When you feel you need to have a strong power puller which is able to pull 5-ton loads, make its purchase. After using the come along never forget to write about its performance.


  • Ratchet pulling system.
  • The very strong cable that is perfect for heavy duty.
  • 3 hooks for the working convenience.


  • Longer cable needed.

VEVOR 1.5T 3000LBS Ratchet Block Manual Lever

The manufacturer Vevor is a renowned name. When a product comes from a famous manufacturer, we trust, the product can never be an underrated product. In this purpose, Vevor also maintains the product quality and they produce this power puller as it can give us the satisfactory performance.

It can lift heavy loads (1 and ½ -ton) efficiently. Not only that, it can lift the object 20 feet above from the ground. As it lifts the object too high, it features mechanical breaks for the safety control while lifting.

One hand operation is enough for controlling loads. As to maintain lifting heavy loads safely it features with safety latches and two swivel eye hooks.

It is constructed with tough steel but its structure is light. For the reason, it can be operated easily in a high and narrow place. This is an ideal power puller for machinery, lifting engine, tree limbs. This is one of the best come along for vehicle recovery and if you purchase it that will be your one of the best decision.


  • Mechanical break enhances safety lifting
  • Easy operating in narrow spaces.
  • Can lift the object above 20 feet.
  • Built-in easy using gear.


  • Hooks pins need more strength.

Driver Recovery 2-Ton Rachet Come Along

It is the come along hand winch that can be compared to more powerful power puller. Some of the come along is leveled 5-ton but they can’t lift more than 3-ton completely. But, the come along can lifts maximum capacity efficiently.

It features a ratchet gearing pulley system by which it lifts heavy loads safely. Though it’s maximum capacity is 4000 pounds, its safest lifting capacity is 2000 pounds.

To make it enough strong, it is constructed with hardened steel frame with a galvanized finish that makes the come along resistant against corrosion. This property makes the tool tough constructed and durable also.

This is the come along which is perfect for landscaping, construction, farm project, and many purposes. If you want to buy a tool that is nothing but best come along cable puller then Driver recovery 2-Ton should be your first choice.


  • 2000 pounds safest working loads.
  • Self-closing latch hooks ensure secure connection.
  • Resistant against corrosion.
  • Long lasting.


  • Little bit difficult in maximum loads lifting.

Buying Guide for Choosing The Best Come Along

Some of the factors should keep in mind before buying a come along. We think you never want to buy a product that cannot fulfill satisfactions. Just take a look at the factors that should consider before buy that helps you to find out the best come along.


Construction materials of a product determine the quality of a product. Look at the materials that are used to construct the power puller and gear components. High-quality materials can perform precisely whenever and wherever you need. High-grade steels are preferable in this case.


Yes, length is also a major factor of a come along. Length of your winch rope also determines what types of work you can do with the tool. So, think the first type of work you need to do and how much longer rope is coming with the come along. Generally, 6-12 feet is enough for any purposes.

Pulling Power

This is the first and most important factors of a power puller. How much weight you need to pull/ move and how much weight the tool can manage. There is a deep relation between these two facts. Try to choose a little bit more powerful come along than your needs.


You definitely don’t buy a product for short-term service. You always expect the long lasting product. So, it is important to see which features of the product indicate durability. In case of coming along, quality materials, rust, and corrosion resistant property can make it durable.

Usage of come along puller

What type of job you do with the come along we don’t know but it can be used for various purposes.

  • When you need to remove a heavy obstacle from the ground a power puller can greatly help you.
  • Tree stumps are fallen on the road and you should remove it, what will you do? Take a come along in hand then attach its one end to the stump and another end to a stationary object. Then start to tighten the crank of come along and see how easily the stump comes out from the place. This is the common mechanism of using a come along.
  • It also can be used for various purposes such as lifting, landscaping, farm project, construction, machinery, and so on. It is also widely used in the workshop, garage, factories, and so many places. But before use, you should know how to use it properly.


A come along is a heavy duty tool. That is why it is necessary to take safety measures and need to check always it’s every part whether they remain well or not!

  • First of all, always try to avoid an ordinary come along. Usually, the cheapest come along can be the source of major risk as they are not constructed with quality materials.
  • Check the rope before every usage. Is that getting fray or break? If so, replace the rope and avoid using the damaged rope. Always measure the loads and capacity of the come along.

Final Thoughts

We want to tell you again consider the capacity of your come along and the task you intend to do with. We enlist here many come along and they are suitable for the different job. You have the best quality power puller but you are trying to manage heavy loads that exceed its capacity, in this case, most probably the ultimate result will be negative.

Another most important factor is to know how to use it properly. If you don’t know its use you will not be able to get its benefits. Use it as your needs and before knowing its use perfectly. We don’t know which ranges come along is perfect for you but we provide here different ranges come along and hopefully at least one will match to your needs. We strongly tell the fact that you never promote low quality product.

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