Best Attic Fans of 2020 : Top 10 Fans Rated and Reviewed

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Cool air at summer or warm air at winter is not merely luxurious. Instead, both of these are essential to have a comfortable and safe living environment inside the house.

And why exactly does this happen?

Well, particularly in summer, the hot air rising from the interior and the current condition of the attic lack insulation providing poor ventilation. But an attic fan can eliminate this problem permanently from your house.

At the market, there are several types of attic fans are available having different capacity. Therefore, choosing the perfect attic fan may seem to be confusing and difficult. Scroll down to explore our 10 best attic fans avoiding that troublesome searching. Our best attic fan reviews came into light after proper analysis and you will find your ultimate choice for sure.

Reviews on 10 Best Attic Fans of 2020

1. Broan 355BK120-Volt Powered: Best Roof Mounted Attic Fan

Broan 355BK Roof Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator

In our list broan attic fan reviews comes first place. Attic ventilation is indeed a suitable option to make your interior house more comfortable without high energy cost. And this ventilator from Broan is capable of pulling a fresh breeze while pushing the heat outside.

In answer to what is the best temperature for an attic fan, you should know that trapped air easily reaches a temperature of 150°F and even more in summer. Through typical solutions, it gets a reduction of 60°F on a full 90°F temperature.

Having an adjustable thermostat, it allows you to choose a comfortable temperature level. Being thermally protected, it can deliver a consistent temperature. Also, this automatic thermostat attic fan makes it more user-friendly.

Featuring a 14” metal blade, you will get maximum airflow with minimized sound. The PVC dome induces better durability along with utmost protection against UV rays. Therefore, this powerful attic is a good replacement for air conditioners.


  • Tar application and nailing along with metal flashing of 23 gages.
  • Easy mounting between rafters through included installation template.
  • Able to deliver an increased 1200 CFM for 1400 square feet of attics.
  • Continuous operation for the motor with permanent lubrication.
  • Automated and consistent operation for an easily adjustable thermostat.


  • The included motor is not sturdy enough to work for long.
  • Oil may start dripping from the interior motor casing.

2. Air Vent Gable Attic Ventilator 53315: Best Whole House Attic Fan

Air Vent Inc. Gable Attic Ventilator 53315 Attic And Whole House Fans

When you prefer horizontally mounted ventilators, then this unit would be a great option. This great attic ventilator from Air Vent is able to handle high heat through its superior construction.

It provides 1020 CFM with 1/12 HP which makes it suitable for common household applications. Requiring 3.2 Amps and 180W to operate, it requires moderately less energy.

There comes a 14” blade to circulate the airflow. Not to mention, the fan blade is precisely balanced which makes it enable to remove very hot, trapped air from the attics.

Covering a maximum attic area of 1500 square feet, it serves pretty good for spaces where heavy heat is produced. so, it is a best whole house attic fan indeed. Being convenient and effective, this best gable attic fan induces greater durability with quality assurance.


  • Superior longevity along with stainless steel construction.
  • Medium sized dome can cover up to 1500 square feet.
  • Horizontal mounting induces better attic ventilation.
  • Maximized air flow through built-in fan blade of 14”.
  • Customizable exhaust fan with bypassing thermostat.


  • Bushing and blade aren’t of very high-quality material.
  • This may not work as a whole house fan in specific cases.

Iliving ILG8G14-12T Newest Automatic Gable Mount Attic Ventilator Fan

This best rated attic fan comes with everything you need to remove the warm attic air. Along with this ventilator from Iliving, it offers you comfort through preventing possible house deterioration by hot weather.

It offers 1220 CFM like the previous one, yet requires more power to operate. Not to mention, 1/8 HP with 210W is a bit high power requirement, yet provides reduced power consumption that makes it best electric attic fan.

Having a built-in steel propeller, it induces continuous air circulation. Featuring special technique, the propeller of 14” diameter is capable of maximizing the possible air flow through the attic.

Though it requires a bit higher power to ventilate, it can cover more spaces. In fact, this unit is able to cover 1600 square feet of attic space. To drop the warm attic temperature, this unit can be of great help for sure.


  • Quick removal of trapped warm air through 14” propeller.
  • Resists weather-induced deterioration and heat build-up.
  • Optimum air movement along with specially designed fan.
  • Galvanized housing steel offers great temperature reduction.
  • Included mounting brackets allows easy & fast installation.


  • The fan produces considerably high noise while rotating.
  • Adjustable humidistat may not function properly.

Cool Attic CX242DDWT Drive Drive 2-Speed Whole House Fan

Unique and competent design induces a greater cooling facility for this incredible fan. Having a perfect 4-blade assembly, this unit from Cool Attic is able to give you a fresh breezing in the warm months of summer.

The built-in PSC motor requires 1/3 HP to function which is quite high. In fact, the 2-speed motor provides greater ventilation. Featuring thermal protection, the motor is highly durable to keep your attic cool.

Having a 24” direct driving designation, the 4-blade combination comes with precise balance for rotation. This best quiet attic fan for home encourages a perfect rotation to deliver resilient performance.

Being able to cover 1200 up to 1800 square feet attic space, this allows you to circulate a significant amount of hot air quietly. Thus it offers a great way to reduce the cooling costs of the house to keep the interior environment more comfortable.


  • Increased air flow through attic with a balanced 4-blade assembly.
  • Automated shutter of white powder coating induces 95% closure.
  • Maximized serviceability along with steel venture and tough struts.
  • Incredibly easy installation through joist-in & joist-out system.
  • Enhanced exhausting through 24” direct drive 2-speed technology.


  • Poor shipping quality may damage the exhaust fan.
  • In particular cases, ceiling vent may not function properly.

5. MaxxAir IF18 3000-CFM Exhaust Fan: Best Commercial Attic Fan

MaxxAir IF18 3000-CFM 18-Inch Blade Heavy-Duty Exhaust Fan

For commercial or industrial applications, powerful and larger exhauster is required to cool down the attic. And you would have a discreet one with superior features to take care of that problem for this MaxxAir creation.

Along with 2 OSHA complaint features, the attic fan for thermostat induces optimum thermal protection. In fact, it includes one fully enclosed PSC energy motor with one security grille. The complaint delivers a rather powerful and quick removal of entrapped air.

There come exterior shutters that remains closed when the fan is not in function. It automatically opens when you switch on the fan. Therefore, it provides removal of odors and other unwanted contaminants.

Along with the 18” blade of galvanized steel, it delivers a massive 3000 CFM to cool down your area. Being able to remove various substances along with heated air, this will induce a healthy environment for your office, garage or barns.


  • Galvanized steel of 20 gauge provides heavy air circulation.
  • Removable grille for interior side for included OSHA compliant.
  • Precisely formed exterior shutters are completely draft-free.
  • Full wind generating power with up to 95% recycling of waste.
  • Secure handling for the enclosed, balanced 4-blade assembly.


  • Poor adjustment of fan blade may come with a bad wobble.
  • The material may seem quite flimsy for particular users.

6. Solar Attic Fan 36-watt: Best Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan 36-watt - Black

Unlike the common ones, this one from best solar attic fan reviews uses the natural power. Though the DC motor of this Natural Light construction is not as powerful as the others, yet provides excellent removal of hot air.

To experience a proper attic ventilation, you need to install this solar unit on pitched shingling roofs of fiberglass-asphalt. In fact, you can easily mount the ventilator from 3/12 to 12/12 type inclined roofs. But be careful to place attic fan, so that your roof coating does not get damage.

Along with highest quality materials, these ones come with incredibly great built to circulate the airflow. The best part is that you can use this peculiar unit for every 2625 square feet of your attic space.

Without requiring no additional wires, the installation is pretty easy. Not to mention, the package contains all necessary hardware for installation. This is indeed the best solar attic fan you will find in the market.


  • Uses solar power to operate the conventional DC motor.
  • Greater attic space coverage for about 2625 square feet.
  • Smooth air circulation through ergonomic construction.
  • Suits colder climate along with the snap-on thermostat.
  • Easy and effortless installation without wire requirement.


  • DC motor can’t deliver very powerful airflow circulation.
  • Only suitable for inclined roof, not for flat or wall mounting.

Brightwatts Premium Solar Attic Fan, (25 Watts)

You can make your interior house more comfortable without low energy cost using attic ventilation. And this innovative creation from Brightwatts is capable of pushing the heat outside while pulling a fresh breeze inside.

Through galvanized steel construction, it offers supreme durability against prolonged and continuous usage. Along with power coating, you will receive a heavy-duty frame that can withstand several impacts with ease.

Being thermally protected, the motor delivers a consistent circulation all the time. Having an adjustable thermostat, this roof attic fan enables you to maintain a comfortable temperature.

No matter you take a cooling system or heating system into consideration, you don't want it to be super noisy. And the expectation is no less from this attic fan as well. 

Featuring a highly efficient blade, it induces maximum airflow without any noise production. Therefore, you can have this ergonomic fan for the house to reduce heat damage along with moisture build-up for your attic.


  • Ultimate rotation of fan with the additional 25W solar panel.
  • High-impact tempered casing can resist hail, ice, and wind.
  • Complete assembly requires no extra electrical wiring.
  • Blade of 15” diameter has a venting capacity of 1800 sq. feet.
  • Sufficient airflow polycrystalline with galvanized steel.


  • The fan may not work very well for the greenhouse.
  • Without direct sunlight, the fan moves slowly.

Broan 353 Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator

To make your interior house more comfortable during the hot days of summer, you can rely on attic ventilation. However, this ventilator from Broan is capable of pushing the trapped air outside.

Providing 1020 CFM at 3.4 amps, this unit is indeed an economic solution for heat removal. Though it is not that much powerful, yet comes with a greater venting capacity of 1630 square feet for the house.

The motor is thermally protected which is kept lubricated which delivers a consistent temperature. Featuring an adjustable and automated thermostat, you to decide to have a particular temperature level.

Also, the 14” metal blade which comes with precise balancing can get you maximized airflow. You will experience incredibly high circulation of air to keep your interior comfortable with this best attic exhaust fan.


  • Capable of covering an increased attics of 1630 sq. feet with 1020 CFM.
  • Metal flashing of 22 gages supports tar application along with nailing.
  • Included installation template allows an easy mounting between rafters.
  • Permanent lubrication for the built-in motor induces safe operation.
  • Consistent temperature with adjustment of the automated thermostat.


  • The electrical housing may vibrate while functioning.
  • Annoying noise may develop if the bearing goes out.

Ventamatic CX2500UPS Cool Attic

You can enhance the lifespan of the roof shingle by lowering the attic temperature through this unit. This versatile ventilating fan from Ventamatic comes with all the necessary things to keep your attic cool all the time.

Being a gable mounted fan, you can place this best attic fan behind any existing louvers of the house. Also, you can choose this where roof mounting is quite impractical.

The blades induce a 25” fan that comes with 624 square inch intake along with sturdy construction. In fact, the galvanized steel offers supreme serviceability to deliver sufficiently powerful ventilation.

It is capable of cooling 2500 square feet with only 2.1 amps which makes it highly a cost-effective solution. You can rely on this unique creation to cool down more spaces with less power consumption for your whole house.


  • Energy saving PSC motor requires 2.1 amps of power consumption.
  • Higher amount of air circulation through 25” fan of galvanized steel.
  • Automated thermostat maintains consistent temperature reduction.
  • 1650 CFM covers 2500 square feet attic at 0.03 static pressure only.
  • Easy installation process requires no additional holes in the roof.


  • Loud as well as strong vibration may occur after some usage.
  • Defective design may lead to the contact of blade and casing.

Cool Attic CX1500UPS CX1500 roof-vents 1500

Lower the attic temperature using this fan will help you to enhance the lifespan of the roof shingle. In fact, all the necessary things are available with this Cool Attic product to keep your house cool and comfortable all the time.

The fan comes with a universal sized construction of 25” that operates for 600 square inch intake. Not to mention, galvanized steel construction induces incredibly higher durability to ensure sufficient heat reduction.

You can place this ventilator behind any existing louvers of the house thanks to its gable mounted design. Offering an easy installation, any roofline modification is not required.

Being capable of cooling 1850 square feet of attic with 3.4 amps, it imparts great reduction in your electricity bill. Preventing weather-induced deterioration, this unit is able to make your living more comfortable.


  • Optimum durability against prolonged usage through galvanized steel.
  • Quick equalizing of heated temperature for inside and outside attic.
  • 1300 CFM at 0.03 static pressure offers venting capacity of 1850 Sq. feet.
  • Easily fits gable and other louvers without requiring any roof holes.
  • Consistent temperature with adjustable thermostat having safety features.


  • In specific cases, the thermostatic switch may not work.
  • Noise in the rotating blades may develop for intense usage.

Buying Guide for Best Attic Fans of 2020

Getting the top rated attic fan is an important issue to make your house comfortable in a proper way. There are different types of attic fans available and you have to understand some factors regarding its quality and service to find out the best kind of attic fan. Knowing these factors will help to attain a perfect fan for sure.

Air Volume

The amount of airflow through the vent induces the heat reduction rate. In fact, higher air volume provides greater airflow and heat reduction. You have to check the CFM and make sure it can offer maximum air circulation.

Venting Capacity

The maximum attic area that a fan can cover is also very important. In case of intense heat, you have to choose a powerful ventilator. Again, if you want to cover a large space of the attic, you need to consider larger venting capacity.

Mounting Type

You should find the best place to install an attic fan. In fact, where you want to install the ventilator is of significant importance regarding proper heat reduction. You have to ensure that where you mount the fan, receives the maximum heat.

Rotating Blade

The blade is the most crucial part and you need to check its construction and size. Of course, the rotation rate holds a good part that contributes to the air circulation.

Power Consumption

Using air conditioner requires a tremendous amount of power consumption which will increase your electricity bill for sure. As an alternative, these fans came into play. You need to look into the power specifications before confirming as well.

3 Benefits of Attic Fan

There are some pretty good benefits of using attic fan for the house. In short, you can specify 3 benefits.

Lowered Temperature

Moderate temperature at summer can push the attic temperature to reach above 150° easily. Though vent can provide some passive cooling, a fan can deliver a positive air circulation all the time.

Extended Roof Life

The moisture sits in the attic and freezes at the winter and creates a mold to damage the attic. Using an attic fan will move out the moisture before it becomes able to damage the insulation system.

Reduced Expense

As the fan can reduce the upper temperature, it induces a direct effect on the air conditioner cost. In fact, studies prove that a 10° reduction of temperature is able to lower the expense by 30%.

When You Need Attic Ventilation?

What is the best time to use attic fan? Well, When summer approaches, sufficient ventilation for the attic is important to reduce heat build-up. Whether you need to install an attic ventilation, you have to check the upside first. By the way not only the time but also best location for attic fan is a mandatory option.

Attic fan for ridge vent is needed for quite old which provides low profiled ventilation, you should get an attic fan.

Try to touch your ceiling on a dry, warm sunny day. If the attic seems like a solar oven, then it would be a good choice to have attic fans to cool that down.

Thick ridges of ice appearing over the eaves at winter indicate moisture attack on the attic. To prevent this, you have to consider installing an attic fan.

When winter hits, grab a torch and inspect to see any frost or damp. If you find, then it would be great to have a fan to save your attic.

Final Thoughts

A decent fan is capable of removing a significant amount of CFM air that triggers a perfect air changing condition at every hour. An attic with a fan will introduce a much cooler condition even in the warmest time. Along with the best attic fan, you can attain maximum comfort. And each of our best 10 comes with user-friendly features to deliver satisfactory performance all the year round.

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